BSc Animation

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Bsc animation

The Bachelor of Science in Animation (BSc Animation) program is designed for individuals seeking to create a career in a creative field. Individuals inclined toward artistic activities like drawing, sketching, and designing can enrol in this program to learn about animation skills and techniques. This program stimulates the creative bug of future animation artists by helping them learn about various animation software, sound design, and visual effects. Read more to know all about BSc Animation.


What is BSc Animation?

Bachelor of Science in Animation is an ideal course for creative minds who want to learn the techniques and skills required to curate animated content. The curriculum of this course helps artistic minds hone their skills and explore the latest styles. This course provides in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge about technical skills, creative software, AI tools, coding, and artistic ideas to enable students to create complex animations. An undergraduate degree in animation helps students accelerate their career growth in this emerging field. 

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BSc Animation Subjects

The specific syllabus of BSc Animation will vary in each institution. The faculty of each college/university decides the curriculum as per the university guidelines. Here are the common topics covered in this bachelor’s-level course.

  • Basic Principles of Animation: Animation terminology and techniques and concepts of timing, spacing, motion, and weight.
  • Drawing and Illustration: Illustration skills; figure composition; perspective; and drawing.
  • Digital Storytelling: scriptwriting; character development; and techniques of visual storytelling.
  • Sound Design: Foundations of sound design in animation such as recording, mixing sound effects, music, dialogue, and editing. 
  • 3D Animation: Principles of lighting, modelling, and texturing three-dimensional models and application of 3D software in animation.
  • 2D Animation: Two-dimensional animation techniques like cell animation, hand-drawn animation, and 2D animation software.
  • Motion Graphics: Animation text creation; logo and graphics creation to use in advertisements and video production. 
  • Special Effects: Foundations of special effects in animation such as compositing, particle effects, and fluid simulations.
  • Professional Practices: Ways to search for jobs, placement opportunities, networking, and portfolio development. 

Top Colleges for BSc Animation in India

The animation industry is at a nascent stage in India, so this sector has abundant growth opportunities. Several academic institutions have started offering BSc Animation to interested students. The following table lists the colleges offering this animation course and the names of the respective courses available on the campuses. 

Academic InstitutionsCourses
Birla Institute of Technology (BIT)- Mesra, Ranchi and Jaipur CampusBSc in Animation and Multimedia
Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) Noida, Uttar PradeshBSc in Animation and Visual Effects
History, Economics, and Civics (HEC) in Haridwar, UttrakhandBSc in Animation and Multimedia
International Centre for Automotive Technology (ICAT) Design and Media College, HyderabadBSc Visual Effects
Institute of Leadership Entrepreneurship and Development (ILEAD), KolkataBSc in Animation Graphics & Multimedia
Institute of Technology & Management (ITM), UttrakhandBSc in Animation
Roorkee College of Engineering, UttrakhandBSc in Animation and Multimedia
Pratibha College of Commerce and Computer Studies (PCCCS), MaharashtraBSc in Animation
Anwarul Uloom College (AUC), Hyderabad BSc in Animation
Dr DY Patil Arts, Commerce, & Science College of Akurdi and PuneBSc in Animation
Fregusson College, MaharashtraBSc in Animation (Self-Financed)
Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects, MaharashtraBSc in Animation and Multimedia

Top Universities for BSc Animation Abroad

BSc Animation is available at esteemed universities and premium colleges in numerous countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, France, and Germany. Each university has a specific curriculum, distinguished faculty, and internship opportunities for the professional growth of students. 

Given below is the list of universities and courses offering this undergraduate programme in animation. 

UniversitiesCoursesQS World University Rankings 2023
London Metropolitan University, UKBSc (Hons.) Games Animation, Effects, and Modelling801-1000
University of Greenwich, UKBSc (Hons.) Games Design and Development (Animation and Modelling)801-1000
Bath Spa University, UKBSc (Hons.) Creative Computing- the Animation
University of Portsmouth, UKBSc (Hons.) Computer Animation and Visual Effects701-750
Middle Tennessee State University, USAAnimation-BSc
Full Sail UniversityComputer Animation-BSc (Online)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, (Prescott Campus) USASim.Science, Games, and Animation-BSc
Hampshire College, USABSc in Liberal Arts- Animation and Digital Art
California Institute of Arts, USABSc in Animation
Vancouver Film School, CanadaBachelor of Science in Animation
Sheridan College, CanadaBachelor of Science in Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design, USA Animation-BSc
Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, GermanyAnimation-BSc
Gobelins, l’école de l’image, FranceAnimation-BSc
Supinfocom Rubika, FranceAnimation-BSc
Purdue University, USABSc in Animation129

BSc Animation Eligibility

Candidates must meet the following admission requirements to secure admission to the BSc Animation course of the aforementioned universities abroad:

  • Candidates must have completed 10+2 from a recognised education board.
  • Candidates must be able to demonstrate their English Language Proficiency
  • Applicants must have valid passports.
  • Candidates must be able to produce proof of financial support during their admission.

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Admission Process

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Documents required

Here’s a list of the documents required for pursuing a BSc in Animation at any of the above-mentioned universities:

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Cost of Studying BSc Animation

The fees of each academic institution depend on the specific programme, course duration, course curriculum and on-campus facilities. Students must visit the official website of academic institutions to get an idea of the detailed fee structure and learn about financial aid options. 

Here are the estimated annual tuition fees of some of the universities abroad.

UniversitiesAnnual Tuition Fees
London Metropolitan University$15,161 (INR 12,54,807)
University of Greenwich$16,713 (INR 13,83,259)
Bath Spa University$18,444 (INR 15,26,526)
University of Portsmouth$19,459 (INR 16,10,533)
Middle Tennessee State University$29,144 (INR 24,12,117)
Full Sail University$32,750 (INR 27,10,570)
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University$40,464 (INR 33,49,023)
Hampshire College$51,000 (INR 42,21,040)

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Career Scope and Salary

BSc Animation equip students with technical skills that help them gain employment in the animation industry. Some of the most common job profiles and estimated annual salaries for BSc Animation in India are displayed in the table below.

Job ProfilesJob DescriptionsEstimated Annual Salary Range (Average)
Storyboard ArtistTo design visual plans for animation projects. 
2D AnimatorTo curate hand-drawn animations for video games, TV shows, commercials, and movies. INR 1 lakh to INR 8.2lakh 
3D AnimatorTo create computer-generated three-dimensional animations for TV series, OTT series, movies, commercials, and other animated production. INR 1 lakh to INR 11.5 lakh
Visual Effects ArtistTo infuse special effects in animations through particle effects, compositing and fluid simulations. INR 2 lakh to INR 15 lakh
Character DesignerTo curate visual sketches of characters in animated movies or productions. INR 0.6 lakh to INR 13 lakh
Technical DirectorTo manage workflow, meet hardware and software needs, and pipeline development. INR 9.6 lakh to INR 95 lakh
ProducerTo oversee the production part of an animated movie, ad, or series. To budget, hire and manage artists, and create a schedule for the project. INR 5.8 lakh to INR 30 lakh 

The average salary for a graduate with a BSc Animation degree abroad is $71,642 (INR 59-60 Lakh) per annum. The salary may vary depending on the job profile and country. 


Q1. What is BSc Animation?

A. This course enables creative brains to earn the art of infusing life in inanimate objects. This program provides knowledge about visual effects, 2D and 3D animation, sound design, and character design.

Q2. What is the salary after BSc in Animation?

A. The salary of fresh graduates in any job profile in the animation industry ranges from INR 1 lakh to INR 6 lakh.

Q3. Is BSc Animation a good career?

A. BSc in Animation is an evolving career. The growth trajectory of the animation sector is going to generate a plethora of job opportunities for artistic minds, owing to the increasing demand for animated products and services.

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