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Motion Graphic Design

The field of motion graphic design is ever growing and more students want to pursue it. The plethora of opportunities that this field offers has attracted a lot of young minds to pursue this field. But what exactly is this job? What can you do to begin your career in this field? To answer all such queries we will talk in detail about all that there is to know about Motion Graphic Design. Read on if you are interested in becoming a Motion Graphic Designer. 

Graphics is a growing area and is unlikely to fade any time soon“- Paul Joseph.

What Do Motion Graphic Designers Do?

A motion graphic designer is someone who creates designs and art for televisions, films and the web. They make their work eye-catching by the use of visual effects like animation and filmic Techniques. By creating vivid visual effects and animating graphics, motion graphics designers take films, websites, advertisements, and more to a whole new level. With online video content development, a graphic designer can do almost anything on almost any digital platform. So, in the sense of the term itself, Motion Graphics Designers are engaged in designing graphics in motion in order to bring out the digital creativity of any enterprise. 

Motion Graphics Designers engage entirely in thost aspects of digital graphics which involve some sort of movement. For instance, they engage in the creation of commercial, video clips, trailers, sequences, which can be used for different purposes by the host organisation. 

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Educational Qualifications

Now, to become a professional Motion Graphic Designer, you need to fulfil certain qualifications and eligibility requirements. So, here is a list of the basic qualifications that you will need to enter this field:

  1. First and the most important requirement is that you must have acquired a professional/undergraduate degree in a field related to Graphic Designing.
  2. Now, today many students study graphic designing. What will make you look unique is your portfolio. So, make sure that you have engaged in projects related to Motion Graphics Designing in your undergraduate years and have compiled them in your portfolio. 
  3. Then comes in your experience. Apart from your portfolio make sure that you have some work experience to show. So, engage in internships during your undergraduate years. 

What Skills Do Motion Graphic Designers Need?

There are various skills required to enter the field of Motion Graphic Design. Apart from having a degree in Graphic Designing you need to excel in other parameters too. The basic knowledge of the field of Motion Graphic Design is important but so is knowing and understanding the nuances of everything related to motion graphic design. Here is a list of skills that you might need to enter this field:

3D Model

One of the most important skills required to even better the field of Motion Graphic Design is 3 D modelling. You must be well aware of all the techniques and intricacies involved in 3D Modelling. Motion Graphic Designers work closely with modelling programs and therefore, to become one you need to master the art and skill of 3D modelling.

Animated Perspective

As you already know, there cannot be a field of Motion Graphic Design without animations. The designs and content which is made by the Motion Graphic Designer requires a thorough understanding of animation. It’s through animation that they enhance movement of the design and makes it more appealing to users.  Designers should also be able to  choreograph complex movements individually and rotate them in a variety of ways.

Organizational Skills

Being organised is the most important prerequisite to enter yeh field of Motion Graphic Design. Any designer working on an assignment must be organised and keep a file of all the paperwork which is being worked on. In this field, your skills as a graphic designer is important but also is how you organise and present your work. And to meet this end, you need to stay organized and keep a tab on all the modifications you have made in terms of designs and structure. 

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Procedural Animation

One of the biggest challenges in making a transportation plan is that it can take a long time. Procedural animation is one way to reduce it. A motion graphic designer must be able to create complete animations for a certain period with the help of procedurally generated algorithms. Being up to date with the latest technology is also helpful in motion graphic designing. Using expressions, scripts and coding help in speeding up the work of motion graphic designers. 

Lighting Effects

We all know the key role that lighting plays in Motion Graphic Design. Within lighting effects your work will be incomplete. So, along with the above mentioned skills for a good Motion Graphic Designer must also be able to use the effects of light to their benefit. They should be able to simulate textures and moving images and represent them in the best possible manner through their work. 

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Where Do Motion Graphic Designers Work?

The opportunities that the field of Motion Graphic design offers to its graduates are endless. They can get employment in a number of diverse sectors. The Motion Graphic Designers with companies dealing with computer systems film industry, the animation industry and even software companies. The scope of motion designers work is ever increasing. 

They also work with business organisations and help in making as well as designing videos. These videos are mostly explainer videos which help clients in figuring out and understanding how to solve the problems they are facing. Many motion graphic designers also work with gaming companies in making video games. They also provide services of video editing and typography.

Here is a list of top organisations across the world which offers job opportunities in the field of Motion Graphic Design:

  1. Microsoft
  2. Google
  3. Whirlpool Corporation
  4. NBC Universal
  5. J.P. Morgan
  6. Amazon
  7. HBO

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Salary Range

With the growing demand for motion graphic design in different sectors, the remuneration given to motion graphic designers is pretty good. They are well compensated for their technical expertise and graphic skills. The average annual earnings for multimedia artists and animators is $72,520 (INR 53,04,471). The highest-earning professionals in this field are employed by software companies and the film industry. And if you have the required skills it’s smart to target this particular industry. Also, we know how steadily the field of Motion Graphic Design is growing. In the coming years, you can expect this salary range to get even higher. 

Credits – Ben Marriott

This was all about Motion Graphic Design! Hope you liked this blog. Drop your feedback in the comment section below. If you want to know more about this field then you can get in touch with Leverage Edu experts!  Follow us on LinkedInYoutubeFacebookQuora and Instagram to know all the new trends in the world of education!

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  1. Creating animated video is not an easy task for animator it needs lots of hardworking and research. However, by creating vivid visual effects and animating graphics, motion graphics designers take films, websites, advertisements, and more to a whole new level.

  2. Essentially, Motion Graphic Design is a discipline that applies graphic design ideas to filmmaking and video production thru the use of animation and visual effects.

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