Study Abroad: How Nations Abroad Celebrated the Indian Independence Day 2023?

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Study Abroad: How Nations Abroad Celebrated the Indian Independence Day 2023

Worrying about how would you celebrate your National Days like the Indian Independence Day while studying abroad? Do not fret as countries abroad celebrate Indian Independence Day in their own way. Moreover, you can also visit events organised by the government as well as Indian consulates abroad to be a part of flag hoisting and other ceremonies. 


Like every year, the 15th of August 2023 was also celebrated across the world. It is evidently visible from the picture that poured in on the internet on the day itself. From Burj Khalifa to the Sydney Opera House, all shaded in the tricolour.

Top Indian Independence Day Celebrations Worldwide

 Let’s see how these countries celebrated Indian Independence Day 2023. 


Like every year the Sydney Opera House was lit in the tricolour on the 15th of August 2023. Not only this, there were various events organised in Australia including the one organised by the Indian consulate which included the hoisting of the Indian national flag and other celebrations with fellow Indians. 

The head of the consulate in Australia welcomed all Indians to the celebrations organized. One can also be a part of parades and cultural events organised in different places. There are even some friendly community matches between Indians and Australians on this day, so if you have a knack for Cricket you can join these matches. 


This year, not only did French President Emmanuel Macron congratulate the president but also reminded the world of our articulated vision of cooperation till 2047. India would have lived 100 years of Independence by then. 

Apart from this, the Indian Embassy in France organised a flag-hoisting ceremony which was joined by 500 members of the Indian community in France and their friends. The event was full of zeal and enthusiasm with speeches and the salute to the tricolour.   

Dubai, UAE

When it comes to the best celebrations the view of Burj Khalifa reflecting the Indian national flag atop its grandeur is unbeatable. But this was not it in Dubai, the Indian Consulate General in Dubai partnered with the Burjuman Mall to arrange the Independence Day festivities and the event became a grand celebration in Dubai

Organizers arranged cultural events and celebrations at multiple locations, and the large Indian diaspora in the country joined in the spirit of Independence. The mall organized Indian dances and various activities signifying the rich cultural festivities of India.


In this year’s festivities of Indian Independence Day, the USA has topped the list with flying colours. The US House of Representatives introduced a resolution to declare the 15th of August as a National Holiday. It is for no other reason than to celebrate the ‘National Day of Celebration of the World’s Two Largest Democracies’. 

This will strengthen the ties between India and USA with their shared bond of democracy. Indians across the USA participated in rallies and carried Indian and US national flags in the celebrations. The locals also joined these widespread events. 

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