Study Abroad: UK Announces Strict Rules to Address Student Visa Abuse

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The UK is planning to introduce strict student visa rules to tackle the potential abuse of this route. The financial maintenance requirements will be raised also authorities have warned of tougher submission standards for education institutions. The UK wants to ensure that this route is used for education, not as a doorway to immigration, the Home Office has announced. The new measures proposed by the Home Secretary and Education Secretary include increasing financial maintenance requirements, although they did not mention how much it would be raised. 


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At present, overseas students are required to have £1,334 ($1,700) per month (for up to nine months) for courses in London and £1,023 ($1,300) per month (for up to nine months) outside London. Further, in an official statement, the government is also reviewing English language assessments to make sure that all international students properly understand their course materials.

Study Abroad: UK Announces Strict Rules to Address Student Visa Abuse

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The UK is also planning to introduce stricter submission criteria for institutions recruiting international students. Moreover, the recruitment agents will be subject to improved control as noted by authorities. UK has received 30000 fewer student visa applications in Q1 of 2024. In recent months, the UK has tightened immigration rules, including the student visa requirements. Moreover, the number of student-dependent applications witnessed a 79 percent decrease. Although overall migration figures decreased, Home Secretary James cleverly considers that additional measures are necessary to tackle the potential abuse of student visas. 

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