Study Abroad: Chinese Students To Rush To Foreign Universities Post Opening Of Chinese Border

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Study Abroad Chinese Students To Rush To Foreign Universities Post Opening Of Chinese Border
Sinorbis calculated a colossal demand in Chinese students to study abroad based on internet searches as soon as the Chinese Border opened after a 3-year shutdown due to Covid.

As soon as the Chinese Government opened its borders in China, it also announced that it would not recognize any online degree in the upcoming time. The sudden hit of this news on all the Chinese students pursuing their online degree due to the Covid made students rush to their Universities. Australia is predicted to see 40,000 students from China in the next few days. Sinorbis, a marketing technology company working with educational institutions in China, calculates the aftershock statistics of the Chinese Government shockwave.


The Sinorbis Analysis: Online Degree to Regular

Sinorbis analyzed the data from the Chinese search engines and found shocking data regarding the studying prospects of Chinese students. The marketing firm found tremendous growth in the proportion of students trying to study in Canada, Australia, and the UK from China. However, there is also a 16% year-by-year decrease in the same for the USA.

Sinorbis found that Chinese students searched on the internet

  • 81% more for Canadian Universities
  • 138% more for Universities in the UK
  • 158% more for Universities in Australia.

The two main underlying change statistics of the Sinorbis analysis are that

  • some destinations for studying abroad from China may become more (or less) popular,
  • and study destinations’ competition inside the Chinese market would increase massively.

US Faces Decline in Students From China

US degrees have always had great status in all Southeast Asian countries. China had been no exception. The great employment opportunities, exceptional faculty, and the Ranked Universities in the US made it a popular destination among Chinese students. However, the SEVIS data has shown a decrease of 29% in the number of active study visas in the US in January 2023 compared to January 2020. Amherst College in an interview with the University World News notes these two main reasons for the decline:

  • Growing geo-political tensions between the two superpowers China and the US
  • Better work-study opportunities in the UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Japan.

Increase in Study Abroad Interest in China

Despite the decrease in the number of students from China, the rankings of US Universities have not been affected. Thus, Chinese students looking to get their online degree courses changed to regular classroom courses from the US are still welcome. A Chinese school Ji School has confirmed that there might be a 42% increase in the interest of Chinese students planning to study abroad by 2025.

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