Study in Germany: International students choose Germany due to quality of education and job prospects

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Study in Germany: International students choosing Germany due to quality of education and job prospects
German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has revealed that international students are flocking to Germany due to job prospects. On the other hand, German students study abroad due to cultural interest and for their personal development.

The study conducted by the ‘Benchmark International University or BintHo has revealed that Germany has become an important study abroad destination among international students. A total of 1,20,000 German and international students were a part of the study. Moreover, international students are content with the quality of education offered by German universities. 

Study in Germany: International students choosing Germany due to quality of education and job prospects

According to Joybrato Mukherjee, the DAAD president, the BinHo study is a significant tool used by the German universities to monitor internationalization activities. As per the study, international students are satisfied with the German universities, and the labor market. 

Reasons to Study in Germany for International Students 

As per the BinHo study, Germany was the number 1 choice among international students. There are several reasons for the same.

  • 93% of the students stated the range of attractive courses offered by German universities and the convenient study conditions as the main reason for choosing Germany. Germany offers 20,000 bachelor and master degrees to students.
  • About 88% of the international students were impressed by the international reputation of the degrees offered by German universities
  • Around 81% of students were also seeking profitable career prospects in Germany after completing their graduation.
  • Germany is welcoming international students. 38% of the German students prefer more international students.

International Students in Germany

Majority of international students involved in the study are from these locations. 

Reasons to study abroad for German Students 

On the contrary, German students study abroad for international experience and for improving their language skills. The study revealed that:

  • 77.5% of the German students choose to study abroad to gain international experience 
  • 73.9 students choose international countries to improve their language skills
  • Only 42.7% students choose other countries for financial support 
  • Escaping personal problems was the least of concern with only 5.5% students choosing the same.

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