BA Advertising: Top Universities, Eligibility, and Scope

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Are you someone who has a knack for exploring the dynamic blend of creativity and strategy in the world of advertising? If so, then why not pursue a BA in Advertising abroad? For the uninformed, a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising is an undergraduate degree which is usually of 3-4 years duration. It aims to empower students with an in-depth understanding of advertising and how it works. Furthermore, this course covers all the basic foundations as well as advanced techniques for effective advertising. So, if you want to know the top universities, scope of advertising, and job profiles in BA Advertising, this comprehensive course is for you. 


Why Study BA Advertising?

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Advertising helps students gain numerous in-demand skills in advertising, digital marketing, and consumer behavior. 
  • Students get the golden opportunity to get their creative thinking going and develop unique copywriting ideas, marketing strategies, and compelling visual design. 
  • This course provides graduates with diverse career paths in marketing departments, media companies, and numerous advertising agencies.
  • Students can contribute to building, strengthening, and maintaining brands and leave an indelible impact on the industry.

Top Universities to Study BA Advertising 

University QS RankCourse Approx Tuition Fee
Lancaster University 122Advertising and Marketing (BA Hons)£20,500 – £32,400
University of the Arts London101- 120BA (Hons) Advertising£21,900 – £30,512
Northumbria University548Mass Communication with Advertising BA (Hons)£15,500 – £23,900
University of Lincoln851 – 900BA (Hons)Marketing and Advertising£11,781 – £11,781
Central Michigan University1201 – 1400Advertising$15,800 – $23,500
University of South Carolina575Advertising$30,500 – $40,928
OCAD University51 – 100Advertising 
SRH Hochschule Berlin17Advertising & Brand Design€30,075 –  €39,102
University of West London 253Advertising and Public RelationsBA (Hons)£14,200 – £19,550
Bournemouth University731 – 740BA (Hons) Marketing Communications with Advertising£10,500 – £19,950


International students who wish to pursue a BA in Advertising abroad must meet certain eligibility criteria. This can include:

  • Students must have completed their senior secondary education with at least 50-55% marks.
  • Candidates are required to submit proof of the English language Proficiency Test (IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc.)
  • Applicants must also clear entrance exams depending on the university (if applicable). 
  • Students must also qualify for interview rounds to secure a seat in the university. 

Documents Required

Once you have shortlisted the university, the next step is to collect the required documents for submission. Although it can vary from university to university, here are a few general documents to always keep ready: 

Application Process

1. The application process starts with students first collecting their academic transcripts.

2. Next, proof of English Proficiency Tests, and GMAT/GRE (if required) are also required to show why you are a good fit for the university.

3. Next, students need to create a Statement of Purpose (SOP) along with a  Letter of Recommendation (LOR) according to the university that they are applying to. 

4. Once the application process has started, students should check the eligibility and documents required on the official university website.

5. Now, register on the website by adding your personal and academic details as they are mentioned in the official records.

6. Upload all the documents and pay the application fee to proceed.

Syllabus Overview

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising is a comprehensive course option for students. It equips enthusiasts with the knowledge and skills required to excel in the constantly changing marketing world. For this, the course takes you through the core principles of advertising such as content creation, strategic campaign development, consumer behavior analysis, and digital marketing techniques. 

In addition to this, students get the opportunity to explore their interests in the field by learning the art of storytelling, copywriting, and advertising. With emphasis on real-world applications, this course empowers students to work in different agencies and companies. 

Career Scope

A Bachelor’s degree in Advertising offers a broad range of exciting career options in the dynamic world of marketing. Graduates can take up different roles such as art directors, account executives, digital marketing specialists, and copywriters. Moreover, with the advent of digitalization, all small and big businesses want advertising specialists who are good at what they do. Accordingly, there is a constantly increasing demand for creative content and effective advertising strategies. The BA Advertising course equips students with the relevant skills required in this ever-evolving industry.  

Skills Required to Pursue BA Advertising

Every study field across different industries requires candidates to possess a specific skill set. This will help them in acing their degree and being the best at what they do. Here are a few skills required to pursue a BA in Advertising:

  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Quick decision-making skills
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Effective time management
  • Teamwork
  • Project management
  • Research skills

Job Profiles and Salary

Here are some of the job profiles, along with their approx annual salary, that you can apply for after you complete your BA advertising. 

Job ProfilesApprox annual salary
Social Media Manager $18,700 – $62,150
Event Planner₹57,000 – ₹62,504
Web Designer$50,255 – $67,255
Marketing Coordinator$45,064 – $58,064
Market Researcher$79,801 – $89,500
Content Writer $49,200 – $57,592 
Copywriter $55,401 – $63,581
Production Executive $72,275 – $98,101


What is BA advertising?

As mentioned earlier, BA Advertising is an undergraduate course, ideal for students who wish to pursue a creative career. It helps students create engaging, informative, and valuable content for the business world. 

Is it good to study advertising?

Yes, studying advertising and marketing can be beneficial for interested students. These courses will help you to conduct market research followed by analyzing the collected data to develop and implement effective strategies. However, the answer to the said question also depends on whether the course aligns with your individual interests or not. 

Is marketing a BA or BSC?

Marketing degrees are available both as BA (Bachelor of Arts) and as BSc (Bachelor of Science). 

This blog covers all the information you need to know about BA Advertising. If you have queries or suggestions, drop them in the comments below. For further help, our expert team at Leverage Edu is available to assist you. Drop us a call at 1800572000 today to get an absolutely free counseling session!

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