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Who doesn’t want the answers to their life problems? Applied Psychology is a form of psychology that although can’t provide you with direct answers (nobody can), works to apply the researched methods, principles, concepts, and theories to help identify and design solutions for individuals as well as organizations. This field works to support individuals in their emotional distress, mental health, as well as illnesses. If this field interests you enough to want to know more about the same, then this blog provides everything you need about applied psychology, including its branches, levels of courses, colleges, jobs, and career prospects. Continue reading to know more.


Why Study Applied Psychology? 

It is an attractive field for many, but what are some of its features that make it significant enough for students to pursue it? Let’s discuss the points below. 

  1. Through the study of applied psychology, students can make use of discovered information, helping people and bringing a change to people’s lives with the field’s specialties and knowledge. 
  2. Students gain better insights into the area of psychology where the application of the same help them work with people and their problems, making the job of applied psychology a fulfilling one. 
  3. More and more information is discovered while pursuing research in the field, adding resources to help the mental health of humans, making applied psychology a vital field. 
  4. The career prospects in the field are highly respected and provide students with not only a great remuneration package but also professional growth. 

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Branches of Applied Psychology 

There are certain branches of applied psychology that students can plan to work towards. They are mentioned below. 

  1. Clinical Psychology: The professionals in this field work directly with their patients to diagnose and treat their mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc. 
  1. Forensic Psychology: The professionals in this field use their knowledge to work around criminal cases and support the justice system. 
  1. Sports Psychology: The professionals in this field help professional sports players with their mental well-being, along with the proper intake of nutrition. 
  1. Organizational Psychology: The professionals in this field help members of an organization work with stress and burnout and help improve their productivity. 

Types of Courses Offered and their Eligibility Criteria 

Now that the blog has discussed some of the basic aspects, it’s time to come to its academic aspect. Below tabulated information below mentions the course levels that are offered under applied psychology. 

Course Level Duration Degrees 
Undergraduate 3 years Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology
Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Psychology 
Postgraduate2 years Master of Arts (MA) in Applied Psychology;
Master of Science (MSc) in Psychology; and 
Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Applied Psychology 
Doctorate2 years Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Applied Psychology 

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Eligibility Criteria 

Taking the above into consideration, the eligibility criteria are mentioned below. 

Course Level Eligibility Criteria 
Undergraduate The students should have completed a valid undergraduate degree in psychology as a major from a recognized university with a minimum aggregate of 50% to 55%.
Postgraduate The students should have completed a valid undergraduate degree in psychology as a major from a recognised university with a minimum aggregate of 50% to 55%.
Doctoral The students should have completed their education at 10+2 level with a minimum aggregate of 45% from a recognized board.

Application Process 

Choosing the right university and course is the main factor before the start of the application process. Follow the larger steps below to get started on the application process for applied psychology courses. 

  1. Do your research and decide on the course and university that suits your preferences and budget constraints the most. 
  2. Check all the details associated with the degree and the university, including the course fee, the duration, the eligibility criteria, particular specifications, the timeline of the application process, the deadlines, and more. 
  3. Moving forward, cross-check whether the universities require entrance examination results or are only merit-based. In the case of India, there might be entrances that you have to clear to pursue applied psychology, while universities abroad could have their own set criteria. 
  4. Collect all the documents that are required for admission and get ready to fill out the application form. 
  5. In the case of abroad universities, you also have to submit a statement of purpose/a motivation form; letters of recommendation; and English language proficiency scores. 
  6. Finally, submit your application form and application fee to finalise your application process. 
  7. Await results. 

Documents Required 

The basic documents required for applying for an applied psychology degree abroad are listed below. 

Top Global Universities for Psychology 

Applied Psychology is a branch of psychology itself. Therefore, the universities mentioned below are the top-ranked universities in this field. 

Name of University QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023: Psychology
Harvard University, USA 1
University of Oxford, UK 2
University of Cambridge, UK 3
Stanford University, USA4
Yale University, USA 6
Columbia University, USA 7
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, USA 8
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), USA9
University of Amsterdam, Netherlands 10

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Top Indian Universities for Applied Psychology 

For students planning to apply to Indian universities, the below-mentioned colleges/universities are the way to go. 

Name of College Location
University of MadrasChennai 
Amity UniversityNoida 
Jamia Millia IslamiaDelhi 
Lady Shri Ram College for WomenDelhi 
Sri Ramchandra Institute of Higher Education and ResearchChennai 

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Syllabus for Applied Psychology 

An example of the syllabus for applied psychology is mentioned below for your reference. 

Semester IPsychology and Its Applications I
Research Methodology & Statistics I
Practicum based on Papers I & II
Concurrent – Qualifying Language
Semester IIApplied Social Psychology II
Communication Skills
Practicum Based on Paper X
Concurrent – Discipline-Centred I
Semester IIIApplied Social Psychology I
Practicum based on paper VII
Concurrent – Interdisciplinary
Semester IVApplied Social Psychology II
Communication Skills
Practicum Based on Paper X
Concurrent – Discipline Centred I
Semester VCounselling Psychology
Clinical Psychology I
Practicum based on Paper XII
Semester VIProject/Internship
Concurrent – Discipline Centred II

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Skills Required

Having covered more than half information related to everything about this field, it’s now the turn to discuss the skills required for the field. 

  1. Patience
  2. Analytical Skills 
  3. Organizational skills 
  4. Critical thinking skills 
  5. Problem-Solving skills
  6. Communication Skills 
  7. Research Skills 
  8. Logical Skills 
  9. Leadership Skills 
  10. Team Management Skills 
  11. Conflict Management Skills 

Career Prospects 

After having completed their education, students can explore various career prospects. Some job designations and their respective salaries are tabulated below. 

Jobs and Salary 

Job Salary 
Clinical PsychologistINR 4 lakh 
Forensic PsychologistINR 5.6 lakh 
Recreation therapistINR 5.5 lakh 
Education PsychologistINR 10 lakh 
Industrial/Organisational PsychologistINR 4.25 lakh 

Top Recruiting Areas

Listed below are employment areas where prospectively applied psychologists can find recruitment. 

  • Hospitals and Clinics 
  • Psychiatric Hospitals
  • Substance Abuse Hospitals 
  • Centre for Health Research and Development, Society for Applied Studies
  • Defense Forces 
  • Research Centres 
  • Mental Health Organisations

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Is applied psychology a good degree?

Yes, applied psychology is a good degree for those interested in the application of human behavior study. 

Which is better BA psychology or BA applied psychology?

Generally, BA applied psychology is more beneficial than BA psychology. 

What are the branches of applied psychology? 

Some branches of applied psychology are sports psychology, organizational psychology, forensic psychology, and clinical psychology.

The blog has covered almost everything about applied psychology. If you want to study abroad in this field, you can contact Leverage Edu experts and counselors at 1800572000 to book a free consultation today! 

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