Best Psychology Books

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Psychology Books

Understanding the human mind and its intricacies has always intrigued the world. Be it our emotions, our behaviour or thoughts and reactions, there are a multitude of factors behind our actions, desires and feelings. Psychology aims to unravel the human mind and as a field of study, it has become a choicest discipline of many. For those interested in human behaviour, there is an array of literary works that can help you comprehend the complex being that we are! So, through this blog, we are bringing our complete list of best psychology books of all the time that you must read to learn about the human mind in all its bright colours!

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The Social Animal by Elliot Aronson

The Social Animal is regarded as one of the most simple and easy-to-apprehend Psychology books with a well-written generic overview of the modern social psychology. Elliot Aronson has beautifully presented the motives and the patterns of the human behaviour through the topics like race relations, politics and terrorism. Woven around an intricate narrative, it encompasses of lively presentations of key research and studies which are set out to essentially help you uncover how human beings think and behave!

Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard by Chip Heath and Dan Heath 

As one of the bestselling psychology books, Switch sets out to explore the notion of ‘why is it so hard to make lasting changes in our lives, communities and even our workplaces?’ Change can be an arduous endeavour but it surely brings with enormous impact. Many psychologists have observed that our minds are actually ruled by two types of systems, i.e. rational and emotional mind. This book delves deeper into this observation when studied through decades of research proves to be a central remark to the functioning of the human brain.

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Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman 

Focusing on behavioural research, Thinking Fast and Slow is amongst those psychology books for beginners that are still starting off on understanding the basics of this science. Written by a Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman who won for his work in Economic Science, the book takes readers on an incredible and striking tour of the human mind and delves deeper into the pros and cons of fast thinking as compared to slow and thoughtful way of making decisions.

The 11 Laws of Likability: Relationship Networking… Because People Do Business with People They Like by Michelle Tillis Lederman

The book dwells to impart the basic understanding of why one should meaningfully cater business or professional relationships to generate the utmost outputs from them. As said by the title of the book, ‘People Do Business With People They Like’ indicates the importance of interpersonal relations and how they can benefit your workplace relationships. Lederman sets out to provide readers with the top 11 rules of likability to assist you in creating meaningful relationships, especially in workplaces.

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The Seven Sins of Memory by Daniel L. Schacter

For those curious about how human memory works and why we forget some things while retaining others, “The Seven Sins of Memory” discovers this aspect of our brain in a detailed manner. As one of the top psychology books that you must have in your reading bucket list, it aims to present readers with the inner workings of how our memory operates in mysterious ways and how forgetting about where you kept your pen is completely normal. Moreover, it will also help you overcome your absent-mindedness and become more mindful and aware of the thoughts and memories.

Reclaim Your Brain: How to Calm Your Thoughts, Heal Your Mind and Bring Your Life Back Under Control by Joseph A. Annibali

“Reclaim Your Brain” underlines and addresses mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, etc. which ultimately become the greatest obstacles towards our career aspirations. Amongst the notable psychology books, this book focuses on elucidating the biological reasons for such conditions and suggesting useful ways to fight against them.

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The Confidence Game: Why We Fall For It… Every Time by Maria Konnikova 

Another prominent mention in our list of psychology books, “The Confidence Game” elucidates upon the notion of how we get tricked by con artists and analyses the very act of believing. Ever wondered how we easily get persuaded by the clever tricks of magicians and con artists? This is simply because they skillfully play with how our mind actually works! Read this amazing work to know about how the human mind can get outwitted and how you can potentially save yourself from such situations.

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Hence, we aim to bring you a helpful list of psychology books that will certainly change the way you saw the human mind as! If you are inclined towards pursuing a degree in Psychology but don’t know which one to opt for, sign up for a free 30-minute career counselling session with our Leverage Edu experts and we will guide you in finding the suitable course and institution that can equip you with the required knowledge and exposure to build a thriving career in this field!

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