Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary For Best PTE Score

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Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary For Best PTE Score

When you are going to any English-speaking country to study or work, you need to clear English proficiency tests. Many English proficiency tests are accepted by countries. Some of these tests are IELTS, TOEFL, CAE or CPE. PTE is also a widely accepted English proficiency test across the globe. In this blog, we will provide tips to improve your vocabulary for the best PTE score.


Over 300 universities worldwide are now accepting the PTE exam (Pearson Test of English). There are two types of PTE, Academic and General. In these exams, there are different sections like PTE Vocabulary. To know the tips to improve and their importance for the best PTE score, read this article.

PTE Vocabulary

The full form of PTE is the Pearson Test of English. There are different sections in PTE exams, such as Writing and Speaking, Reading and Listening. In all these sections, one of the most important factors is Vocabulary. Improving your vocabulary is a very long and timely process. You should start today only if you want to improve your PTE vocabulary first. 

You should have a very strong vocabulary to score the highest marks in PTE exams. Out of both the types of PTE tests General and Academic, Vocabulary is more important for PTE Academic Test. However, no one is born with a good vocabulary. Everyone has to build it with time with various exercises.

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Tips To Improve PTE Vocabulary

Improving your vocabulary can have a lot of barriers and can need a lot of patience and hard work. Consistency is the key to improving your vocabulary for the best PTE score.  These are some of the tips to improve your PTE vocabulary for the best PTE score:

Read Good Books 

The primary source of your information is in books. Reading as many as books you can improves your vocabulary. You can learn different words every time you continue to read. You can learn the appropriate words and how you can use these words appropriately in a sentence. Choose books and reading material according to your interests, so that you do not get easily bored. 

Always Keep Dictionary With You

Not every time you read something and you may know the exact meanings of every word. There will be many times when you will read a word and don’t know its meaning. To solve this at the same time, you can always keep a dictionary with you. The dictionary will allow you to learn different words every day and memorize them. Always Keep a small and pocket version of the dictionary with you. 

Practice Listening

Alongside the practice of reading, make sure you practice listening too. Listening is going to help you as much as reading helps. There will be a thousand words that you can learn when you will do the listening practice. There are thousands of listening practice tests online. Click on any one of the and start practising. You can also listen to English podcasts and English channels. This will help you to score in the PTE exam. 

Note Down New Words

When you are in the process of learning new words every day, make sure you write those words somewhere. This will help you to remember those words in the long run. Whenever you forget them or want to have a look at what you have learned, you can re-visit those words. 

Include Words In Your Daily Conversation

When you are learning new words, make sure to include these words in your day-to-day conversation. While doing this practice you will be able to memorize these words that you have learnt for a longer period.


Can I improve my vocabulary within 30 days?

Improving your vocabulary is no less a task. Expecting that you can improve your vocabulary in just one month is a lot to expect. You should start working towards your vocabulary in the very beginning.

How to score well on the PTE exam?

Scoring well in the PTE exam can be very easy if you follow some simple steps. One of the main steps to follow is to improve your vocabulary. In all sections of your PTE exam, Vocabulary is the most important as it will help you to score well in all the departments.

Does Canada accept PTE as an English proficiency test?

Yes, there are a lot of countries like the UK, New Zealand, Australia etc. As per the reports now, Canada is also accepting applications with PTE as their English proficiency test. There are other well know English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, CAE etc.

Is vocabulary an important part of PTE Reading sections?

PTE reading generally comprises fill-in-the-blanks and other types of questions. To ace the reading section, you need a strong vocabulary to understand what is written in the text and what you need to fill in.

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