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new zealand visitor visa requirements

New Zealand is a quite popular country that people choose for a variety of reasons. The country welcomes people for studying, working, tourism and many other reasons. The heaviest share of the people visiting New Zealand is for the purpose of tourism or visiting. To enter the country for either of these reasons the travelers need to get a visa, and to get a visa there are several requirements that need to be fulfilled. This blog will give you details in depth about the New Zealand visitor visa requirements and everything else constituting the procedure of application. 

What is a New Zealand Visitor Visa

A lot of travellers travel to New Zealand for the purpose of visiting or tourism where they explore the country, enjoy holidays, participate in several activities and indulge in sightseeing. To do all of these things the tourists first need a visa to visit the country. This visa is basically a permit that allows you to enter and stay in the country for the allowed number of days. To get a New Zealand visa you first need to make sure that you are eligible and then you must apply for a visa at the embassy or online following the simple procedure that you will get to know by the end of this blog. Once you get the visa, you will be free to enter the country for the purpose you hold. 

new zealand visitor visa requirements

New Zealand Visitor Visa Requirements 

The following are the details about all the documents for New Zealand visitor visa requirements that you need to fulfil to be able to apply for the visa:

  • You must have a valid passport with the availability of blank pages in it
  • You must submit your older and expired passports as proof of being a genuine traveller
  • You must submit evidence that can prove that you have the will to come back to your country 
  • You must submit two passport-sized photographs which are clicked based on the guidelines provided by the country
  • You must provide proof that you will be able to pay for any medical issues that may take place in the country during your stay and you are medically fit 
  • You must have proof in the form of a bank statement or similar document that states that you have sufficient money to stay and return from the country
  • You must provide your health and travel insurance by a private provider that covers the complete duration of your stay
  • You must provide proof of your relations with family or proof of belongingness in the country
  • To prove that you are not a threat to the country in the form of a character certificate provided by the police authority of your country.

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Eligibility Requirements for New Zealand Visitor Visa

The following are the New Zealand visitor visa requirements that make you eligible for the visa:

  • The first and basic New Zealand visitor visa requirement is to be in good health and provide proof
  • You must have a good character
  • You must be in a condition to pay any medical expense that can occur in the country in any case
  • You must be a tourist who only wishes to visit the counter and later plans to return to your own country
  • You must have the ticket for the travel for both sides already booked in advance
  • You must have the availability of funds to sponsor your stay in the country

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Application Process Of New Zealand Visitor Visa

As you now know the New Zealand visitor visa requirements, the following is the application process that you must follow to get the visa:

new zealand visitor visa requirements
  • First, go to the New Zealand immigration web page and download the application form. If you wish to apply online then you can click on the apply online option and start filling out the form starting away
  • The form must be filled with the correct and authentic information
  • If you are making an offline application then book an appointment with the visa application center that is near you for a suitable date
  • Print the letter of confirmation and attach that with all the other documents along with your application form for submission
  • Attend the centre on the date of appointment along with all the documents that are required
  • Submit the document and the application fee at the centre 
  • If you have applied online, after filling out the form you must upload all the documents in the required format 
  • You must pay the application fee after the submission of the documents online
  • Submit the application and keep track of your application to know the status

New Zealand Visitor Visa Application Fee

The following are the application fee details for the New Zealand visitor visa:

New Zealand visaOffline application Online application 
Application fees 230 NZD -390 NZD170 NZD -245 NZD
Courier charges 12 NZD – 100 NZD0 NZD
Passport charges 45 NZD- 80 NZD0 NZD
VAC service charges 75 NZD0 NZD

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What is the processing time for a New Zealand visitor visa?

The processing time for a New Zealand visa application is 51 days. However, some applications take time based on the complexity. 90% of applications are processed in 51 days from the day of application.

How long is the New Zealand Visitor visa valid?

The visitor visa to New Zealand is valid for the duration of 18 months. However, you can only stay in the country for 9 months anytime between these 18 months of duration. If you do not finish your purpose and have a valid reason, you can also apply for an additional 3-month duration to stay in the country.

Can I get my New Zealand visitor visa sponsored?

Yes, your New Zealand visitor visa can be sponsored but the sponsor must be a citizen of New Zealand, someone who has a residence visa, a refugee, an organization, a government agency, or a community organization of the country. 

We hope you understand everything about New Zealand visitor visa requirements. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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