A Guide on Work Visa USA Sponsorship 

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Getting employed in the US is a dream for many. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. International candidates wanting to apply for a work visa must have visa sponsorship. A visa sponsorship is a job that is sponsored by a US employer. The employer must prove that he/she needs a foreign national to work on the specific task. That is, the position cannot be filled by a US citizen. A visa sponsorship would then mean that an employer is hiring a foreign employee to a company in the USA. Keep reading to learn more about work visa USA sponsorship.

What is Work Visa USA Sponsorship?

The work visa USA sponsorship means hiring an employee outside of the US. Here, the employer is fully aware that the employee is not a citizen of the US/Legal Permanent Resident. The employer has to guarantee that the employee would be a legal working resident and would work for the job they have hired for. For this purpose, the employer must send certain documents to USCIS. Moreover, the employer must prove that the position they are hiring a foreign national cannot be filled by a person who is already in the US. Only then, the work visa sponsorship will be granted.

Do I Need a Visa Sponsorship Letter?

There are different types of US visas. Therefore, it can be beneficial to know the type of visas that require Work Visa USA Sponsorship. The US work visas can be divided into immigrant (Green card) and nonimmigrant visas (temporary work visas). Below we have provided a list of visas in both categories that require sponsorship,. 

Nonimmigrant Visas Employment SponsorshipGranted to Immigrant Visas Employment SponsorshipsGranted to 
H-1B visaPerson in Specialty OccupationEB-1 VisaOutstanding professors, researchers, people with extraordinary abilities in arts, science, business, athletics, etc
H-2B visa Temporary Non-Agricultural WorkersEB-3 VisaSkilled workers (2 years of experience), professionals with a higher education degree. Also, unskilled workers with (less than 2 years of experience)
H-2A visaTemporary Agricultural WorkersEB-2 VisaProfessionals with advanced degrees and people with extraordinary abilities in arts, sciences, or business.
L1 visasIntercompany transfers due to specialized knowledge or to take on managerial or executive positionsEB-4 VisaProfessionals with advanced degrees and people with extraordinary abilities in arts, sciences, or business.
O-1A visaPeople with extraordinary abilities in business, science, athletics, and education
O-2 visa Personnel assisting those with O-1A and O-1B visas
O-1B visaPeople with extraordinary abilities in the arts, television, and film industries

How Do I Get a Sponsor Letter for a US Visa?

To get a work visa USA sponsorship a person must be hired by a US employer. Additionally, the employer must send an employment contract for the employee to sign. A few of the non-immigrant visas require labor certification. That is, the employer must prove that there is no suitable candidate for the post in the US. 

Next, the employer must submit a petition to the USCIS, The petition would include all relevant documents such as the qualifications of the employee. In case of non-immigrant visas Form I-129 is filled out. Similarly, for immigrant work visa USA sponsorship, I-140 is filed. Lastly, the employer has to wait for approval from the USCIS. It can take from months to a year. 

When making a decision the employee and employer are considered. In case of denial, the reasons for the same are provided. In case of visa approval, the next steps for the visa application have to be taken to receive the actual visa. The visa application process is held at a US embassy or consulate in the home country of the potential employee.

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How Long is the Sponsor visa USA valid?

The validity of visa sponsorship depends on the type of visa. The Work Visa USA Sponsorship is valid temporarily for non-immigrant work visa holders. For example, the H-1B visa validity is for 3 years. However, a visa extension is available. The maximum availability of a visa extension is between 2-3 years. 

Conversely, immigrant visas are available permanently. After receiving these visas, a person can apply for a Green Card. The Green card validity is for 10 years. Moreover, applicants can also become eligible for US citizenship. 

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How much does the sponsor visa cost?

A Sponsored visa USA can be expensive. Mostly, it is the sponsor who has to take care of a major chunk of the fees. It can cost up to a few thousand dollars to sponsor an employee. Because the visa is expensive, the employers are hesitant to provide work visa USA sponsorship. Here are the most common fees for the work visa USA sponsorship.

Particulars Cost
Form I-140$700
Form I-129$460
Fraud Prevention and Detection Fee $500
American Competitiveness and Workforce Improvement Act of 1998(ACWIA)$750 or $1,500
For employers with 50 or more employees (50% of them are foreign) $4,000 or $4,500

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Work Visa USA Sponsorship Jobs

There are a lot of work visa USA sponsorship jobs. Here we have provided some of the current job openings.

Work Visa USA Sponsorship JobsCompanyBase pay range
Transportation ManagerDivert $100,000.00/yr – $125,000.00/yr
Assistant Store ManagerCaliva$66,560.00/yr – $73,000.00/yr
Junior AccountantLaboratoires Expanscience USA $70,000.00/yr – $80,000.00/yr
Construction Coordinator IQ FiberNA
Research Associate, AnalyticsZymoChem$68,000.00/yr – $89,000.00/yr
Human Resources Operations ManagerEastdil Secured$125,000.00/yr – $150,000.00/yr


How do I get sponsored for a work visa for the USA?

Getting an employment offer letter from a US employer would ensure that the applicant receives sponsorship. The US employer will provide a document for an employee to sign. It will then be a part of the sponsorship documents. In the case of nonimmigrant visas, labor certification is required.

Who is eligible for H1B sponsorship?

H-1B visa sponsorship requires a person to know a specialty. Additionally, the applicant must provide essential documentation. For example, a BA degree or equivalent in the discipline.

How can I find a sponsor in the USA?

A US sponsorship can be found in Job portals. That is, applicants must first get hired by a US company. Next, the company would provide an offer letter for the US. Some of the job sites include LinkedIn and Welcome Connect.

We hope you now understand what a work visa USA sponsorship is, its requirements, the application process, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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