Step-by-Step Guide to British Visa

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Step-by-Step Guide to British Visa

The United Kingdom is known for its rich history in culture and global influence. The path to enter the UK is very complex as it involves a lot of rules and regulations. The given below is the comprehensive guide that aims to demystify the process of a British visa, providing a clear roadmap for those seeking to visit, work, or live in the UK. All types of visas have different requirements and different processing times. The aspirants will also get to know about the different countries that require British visas.

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What is a British Visa? 

A British Visa is nothing but a UK visa that is a legal status or an official document that allows individuals from different parts of the world to enter, stay, study, or work in the UK. There are different types of British visas. A visa can be a stamp on the passport or a document issued by the UK embassy or consulate. 

Who Needs a British Visa?

Citizens who belong to countries such as Switzerland, or other commonwealth countries do not require a British visa to enter the UK. Find the list of countries given below whose citizens need a visa to enter the UK:

Central African Republic
Republic of the Congo
North Korea

Types of British Visa (UK Visa)

Check below the different types of British visas as per the requirements: Watch the video below to learn about different types of immigrant UK visas


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Application Process

To apply for a British visa the candidates can check below the mentioned steps to apply:

  • Choose the right type of visa as per the requirement
  • Start applying for the type of visa selected
  • Pay the application fees
  • Choose the visa application centre and book an appointment
  • Upload all the required documents

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Documents Required 

There are certain documents required for a British Visa that the candidates should submit to get a British visa:

  • The candidates are required to submit the British visa application form.
  • Two passport-size photographs are required.
  • The candidates must have a valid passport.
  • Candidates must provide proof of their financial funds.
  • Candidates must carry proof of accommodation with them.
  • If the candidates are going to stay in the UK for longer than 6 months they have to provide their biometric information.
  • Receipt of paid UK fees.

Bank Balance Needed for a UK Visa 

The minimum bank balance needed for a UK visa can vary depending on the visa type. For example, for a student visa, the applicant must have a minimum balance of £1,334 per month (for up to 9 months) for pursuing courses within London. For pursuing courses outside London, the student must maintain a bank balance of  £1,023 per month (for up to 9 months). On the other hand, for a skilled worker visa, a minimum balance of  £1,270 in the bank account. For visitor visa there is no specific budget set. However, the applicant must have a daily budget of  £100 to £150.

Processing Times for Overseas Applications

Check below the different processing times for different types of British Visa:

Types of VisaProcessing time
Standard Visitor3 weeks
Permitted Paid Engagement3 weeks
Marriage Visitor3 weeks
Chinese tour group3 weeks
Transit3 weeks
Student3 weeks
Child Student3 weeks
Study English in the UK3 weeks
Family visas24 weeks
Skilled Worker3 weeks
Health and Care Worker3 weeks
Government Authorised Exchange3 weeks
Charity Worker3 weeks
Creative Worker3 weeks
International Agreement3 weeks
Seasonal Worker3 weeks
Religious Worker3 weeks
Global Talent3 weeks
Youth Mobility Scheme3 weeks
India Young Professionals Scheme visa3 weeks
UK Ancestry3 weeks
High Potential Individual (HPI)3 weeks
Innovator Founder3 weeks
Start-up3 weeks
Overseas Domestic Worker3 weeks
Graduate Trainee3 weeks
Secondment Worker3 weeks
Senior or Specialist Worker3 weeks
Representative of an Overseas Business3 weeks
Service Supplier3 weeks
UK Expansion Worker3 weeks
British National (Overseas)12 weeks
International Sportsperson3 weeks
Minister of Religion3 weeks
Scale-up Worker3 weeks
Homes for UkraineAs quickly as possible
Ukraine Family SchemeAs quickly as possible


Check below the British visa fees for different categories:

TypesVisa ValidityStay PeriodEntry TypeVisa Fees
6 Months Short Term UK Visa6 Months6 MonthsMultiple EntryINR 10,299/-
2 years Long Term UK Visa2 Years6 MonthsMultiple EntryINR 34,649/-
5 years Long Term UK Visa5 Years6 MonthsMultiple EntryINR 61,749/-
10 Years Long Term UK Visa10 Years6 MonthsMultiple EntryINR 76,999/-


What is the validity period of a British visa?

Validity is the length of time for which the candidates are allowed to stay in the country. Each country has its own rules and regulations for the validity of a visa. 

On what basis is the British Visa rejected?

If the candidate has a criminal record or has violated the visa immigration rules then in that case the British visa can get rejected.

Is it possible to get a British visa after rejection?

Yes, the candidates can get the visa by re-applying for the British visa all over again.

What is 7 year rule visa UK?

As per the 7-year rule, deportation is not permitted if a child has stayed in the country for 7 years. The 7-year rule was added in the  Immigration Rules 2012 ( Statement of Changes HC194). 

Is UK visa easy to get?

A UK visitor visa is processed within 15-20 working days. The UK visitor visa approval rate is 77% for Indians. It means that a visitor visa is easy to obtain

We hope you now understand what is a British Visa, the application process, availability, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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