Australia Tourist Visa Fees: Detailed Information for Applying from India

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australia tourist visa fees from india

Australian tourist visa is also known as the visitor visa (subclass 600). This visa is given to foreign visitors to come to Australia as a tourist, visit family/friends, or go on a cruise. On a tourist visa, an applicant can stay for 12 months. Moreover, the visa permits the visa holder to study or train for 3 months. Before applying for a tourist visa it is important to be aware of the eligibility requirements, and the documentation needed. It is also important to know the exact Australia tourist visa fees from India. In this blog, we have provided you with in-depth information about Australia tourist visa fees from India.

What is an Australia Tourist Visa?

australia tourist visa fees from india

An Australian tourist visa or the subclass 600 is a visa granted to visit Australia for a short period. The visa is granted for tourism purposes, to go on a cruise, or to meet friends and family. This temporary visa does not permit the applicant to include family members. Each family member will have to apply for a visa separately. The visa holder is also not allowed to work in Australia, However, studying in the country is permitted for 3 months. Applicants will have to pay the Australia tourist visa fees from India to receive the visa. 

Australia Tourist Visa Eligibility Requirements

To apply for an Australia tourist visa you must meet the eligibility criteria. Moreover, you need to pay the Australia tourist visa fees from India. The visa eligibility requirements are as follows” 

  • The applicant must come to Australia for visiting purposes only. 
  • Must not work in Australia while visiting the country 
  • While applying, the applicant must be living outside of Australia
  • Moreover, the applicant must have sufficient funds to finance their stay in the country

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 Australia Tourist Visa Documentation 

Several documents are needed to apply for an Australian tourist visa. It is important to include as much information as possible to support the visa application. It means the applicant must submit an English translation of the essential documents. The Australian Department of Home Affairs can request additional documents as well. In such cases, the applicant must follow the instructions. Note; the Australian tourist visa fees from India fee payment receipt is one of the important documents. The other essential documents are provided below:

  • Identification documents such as current passport (with personal details, photos, and the passport expiry date), national identity card, etc
  • Proof of being a genuine temporary entrant. For example, proof of sufficient bank balance for staying in Australia for 3 months, a credit card statement, pay slips, etc. The applicant can also submit a letter from a relative or friend in Australia as an invitation to visit.
  • Provide proof of reasons to return to the home country. For example, letter from the employer stating that you will return to the job, proof of having immediate family members in the home country, etc.
  • Submit character documents such as proof of military service, or discharge papers. Submitting a police clearance certificate is essential.
  • Additionally, the applicant must nominate someone to receive correspondence. For example (Form 956A) and immigration assistance (Form 956A)
  • Documentation (to obtain a longer visa)-For example, having parents or step-parents in Australia or your child is an Australian citizen.
  • Those who are below the age of 18 must submit a copy of their birth certificate, and fill out the form Form 1229  from anyone who has a right to decide where you live. This is a consent form to grant an Australian visa to a child below the age of 18. 

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Australia Tourist Visa Application Process 

Before applying for an Australian visa it is important to check that you have a valid passport, organize health examinations, and get help with the visa application from a registered migration agent/legal practitioner. The Australian tourist visa application process is as follows:

  • To apply online create an ImmiAccount 
  • Next, attach the relevant documents 
  • At this stage usually, family applications are submitted. Since the tourist visa does not allow the family members to apply, this step can be skipped.
  • Next, pay the application fee 
  • Once, the application is received the applicant will be notified of the same 
  • The Australian government will provide the visa outcome in writing, If the visa application is approved then the visa grant number, visa conditions, etc will be added. In case, the visa is rejected, the applicant will be provided with information on whether he/she has the right to review the decision. 

Australia Tourist Visa Fees 

For the Australian tourist visa, only the base charge is applicable. The Australian tourist visa fees from India do not include fees for Additional Applicant Charge 18 And Over or the Additional Applicant Charge Under 18. The reason is, that additional applicants are not allowed. Moreover, the Australian government does not charge for non-internet applications or te subsequent temporary application fees. The Australian tourist visa fees from India are as follows:

Visa TypeFees
Visitor Visa (subclass 600)From AUD190.00

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Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time 

Apart from the Australia tourist visa fees from India, applicants must also be aware of the Australia tourist processing time. Note; the processing time given below is as of 1st February 2024. 90% of the applications are processed in the given timeline.

Visa TypeVisa Stream Processing Time 
Visitor Visa (subclass 600)Tourist 22 Days

Australia Tourist Visa Duration of Stay 

The Australia tourist visa fees from India are paid due to the duration of stay permitted in the country. Therefore, the applicants must be aware of the tourist visa duration of stay. The maximum duration of time permitted to stay in the country are as follows:

Visa TypeVisa Stream Duration of Stay
Visitor Visa (subclass 600)Tourist 12 months 

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Travelling to Australia on a Tourist Visa 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before travelling to Australia on a tourist visa. Keeping these things in mind will ensure that the visa holder will have a smooth experience travelling to Australia.

  • Before travelling to Australia on a tourist visa, make sure you have valid travel documents such as visa and passport. Another example can be, the payment of Australia tourist visa fees from India. 
  • Ensure that at the border you complete an incoming passenger card. The visa holder can use the smart gate as well,
  • Although working is not permitted on a tourist visa, the visa holder can engage in  volunteer work tourism schemes 
  • Understand if the visa granted is a single entry or multiple entry visa.
  • Before leaving Australia, the applicant must have sufficient travel documents and must use departures smartgather. 
  • After leaving it is important to fill out the Request for International Movement Records form to prove that you have visited Australia. 


How much is a 3 month tourist visa to Australia?

Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) – Frequent Traveller Stream permits a person to travel to Australia for up to 3 months each time for 12 months. That is, in any 2 years. The visa fee is approximately AUD 1065. Most of these visas are granted within 15 days.

How much bank balance is required for Australia tourist visa from India?

The bank balance required for Australia tourist visa is different for different number of people. For example, for one person the bank balance needed is $ 8,000. Similarly, for 2 people the bank balance needed is $ 12,000. For 3 people, the bank balance needs to be $14,000

Is Australia tourist visa easy for Indian?

Yes. The Australian e-visas can be obtained easily, The visa processing online is quick and straightforward. Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are different types of visas available.

We hope you now understand what is Australia tourist visa fees from India. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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