Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time for Indians 2023 

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australia tourist visa processing time for indians

Having plans to go on a journey abroad? Ready to apply for the tourist visa programs available? You are at the right place. Australia is one of the most loved destinations for tourists. The city offers its tourists adventurous places and a wide range of scenic places to visit and explore. However, before applying for any visa, applicants must be aware of the processing time and other formalities for the same. The blog will give readers brief references regarding the Australian Tourist visa processing time for Indians and all other visa programs available. 

Australia Tourist Visa

Australia offers various tourist visas, such as the Visitor (subclass 600) visa, which allows tourists to explore the country for up to 3, 6, or 12 months. To apply, visitors must be outside Australia, possess a valid passport, show sufficient funds for their stay, and prove genuine intent for tourism. Some may require health insurance. The application is typically online, and a visa grant notice is provided electronically. Visa fees apply and processing times vary. Compliance with visa conditions, including departure before the visa expiry, is essential. Visitors should check the latest requirements on the official Australian immigration website.

Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time for Indians

Firstly, before applying for any visa, you must manage your expectations and avoid stress during the application process. It can help students to identify any potential delay in the processing of visa applications. 

All applicants must have a good understanding of the Australian visa processing times for Indians and also plan their trip to Australia accordingly. However, the application time for an Australia Tourist Visa could take up to 28 days or more. 

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Factors Contributing to Australia Tourist Visa Processing Time for Indians 

The acceptance of your visa application entails many factors. We advise all the applicants to only move forward with other arrangements after the visa is granted. However, without wasting any more minutes of your time now, we have described the factors that are dependent on several factors:

  • The applicant must have submitted all the supporting documents with the application. 
  • The decision to accept or reject your application is solely based on the documentation you have provided. 
  • The applicant’s response time for all other additional requests is considered. 
  • Time is taken by the authorities to check all the responses submitted by the applicant. 
  • Time is taken to submit and receive additional information regarding the applicant’s health, national security and character. 

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Visa Processing Time for Other Visa Types for Indians 

There are various kinds of visas applicants can apply for. The processing time for each varies depending on the category type and the documentation provided by the applicant. Students can read the processing time for various Australian visa applications. 

Australia Student Visas Subclass 500

The processing time for Australian Student Visa can take up to 49 days. The visa processing times for the offshore student visa program are almost 13 days. 

Australia Work Visa

The processing time for Australian work visas can take up to 7-12 months for Indians. 

Australia Working Holiday Visa Subclass 417

The visa processing time for Australian working holiday visas is less than one day. However, students can wait for 2-5 days to process the visa. 

Australia Dependant Visa

The processing time for Australian Dependant Visa is 7-12 months. 

Australia Business Visa Subclass 600

The processing time for a Business visa for Australia is up to 21 days from the date of application. This time span is mainly for Indians. 

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Australia Tourist Visa Documents 

There are a few documents which are mandatory for submission of the application. Applicants must be aware of the same. The list of the following documents is mentioned below:

  • Valid Passport
  • Trip Itinerary
  • Proof of funds
  • Bank statement for 3-6 months
  • All medical records
  • Recent passport-size photographs

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Australian Visa Fee

The fee for every visa program varies, depending on the visa you are applying for. The costs for other visas are mentioned in the table given below:

Visa TypeVisa 
Australian Visitor Visa INR 21K
Australian Business VisaINR 3 Lakhs 
Australian Working Holiday INR 28K
Australian Transit VisaFree
Australian Student Visa INR 35K 

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What is the Australian tourist visa processing time for Indians? 

The processing time for an Australian student visa is 28 days or more. 

What is the processing time for an Australian Student Visa? 

The processing time for Australian Student Visa is about 13 days and the cost for application is INR 35K. 

If you are looking forward to taking admission to an international Institute then you must learn how to apply for a Visa. However, the visa process is a tedious yet mandatory task in which you must not take any risks. 

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