Permanent Resident Austria: Step-By-Step Guide

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permanent resident austria

A permanent Austria Residence Permit is a legal formality which is necessary to fulfil by non-EU country citizens. this permanent residence in Austria provides you an allowance to stay, study, work and travel in Austria. To obtain Permanent Residence in Austria there are several steps which an applicant has to follow and in this blog, we will try to elaborate on all these steps in detail along with it we will also get information about the eligibility criteria, required documents and cost of the application of Permanent Residence Austria.

What is Austria Resident Permit?

An Austria Resident Permit is a type of visa that allows non-EU citizens to live in Austria and travel visa-free within the Schengen Area. the permit is initially issued for one year and can be renewed without any discrepancy. Applicants can apply for a lifetime permanent residence permit which enables them to work or to do business in Australia.

permanent resident austria
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Types of Austria Residence Permit

There are different Austria Residence permits divided into categories to know in depth refer to the below-mentioned points-

For Employment Purpose

  • Red-White-Red Card- The applicant can apply for this permit if he/she gets a job in Austria. this permit is a mix of resident permit and work permit.
  • Red-White-Red Card Plus permit allows you to stay in Austria and work for two years.
  • Austria EU Blue Card permit is for those who have completed their degree in Austria.

Limited Leave To Remain

For employment purposes, Limited Leave To Remain Is also Granted To-

  • Job Rotation Workers- An applicant has to secure evidence that he/she is a rotational workr with an international company.
  • Self-Employed- Employed To acquire this permit you must prove that you want to live in Austria for more than six months.
  • Posted Workers- To get this permit an applicant has to confirm guaranteed work as a posted worker.
  • Workers In Social Nonprofit Organizations- This permit gives you a validity of 12 months which can’t be extended.

Austrian Resident Permit For Study Purposes

  • Resident Permit-Student This type of permit is offered to students who want to work in Austria. this permit is valid for up to a year and in case if the applicant doesn’t apply for a special work visa before the student visa permit then he/she will not be allowed to work.
  • Resident Permit Researcher permit is valid for persons who thinking of residing in Austria according to the residence agreement with a research center.
permanent resident austria
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Austria Residence Permit for Family Reunification and Personal Reason

  • Indefinite Leave To Reman-excluding This type of permit is issued to individuals who are not coming for employment purposes, for this permit proof of sufficient financial means is obligatory.
  • Indefinite Leave To Remain-family Reunification- Family members who are living in any third country and one of their family members is living in Austria can apply for this type of visa.
  • Residence Permit-family members- For this visa family members can apply such as spouses, registered partners and children. This visa can be extended once the applicant completes a year in Austria.

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Eligibility Required To Get An Austria Residence Permit

Here are the whole eligibility criteria defined below for the Austria Residence Permit which is necessary for the applicant to meet-

  • An applicant must have had a legal status in Austria for the past five years
  • An applicant must be financially self-sufficient
  • Applicant must be insured under the health insurance for those five years
  • An applicant has to fulfil module 2 of the Integration Agreement must be fulfilled which involves achieving a B1 level of German.

Documents Required For Austria Residence Permit

Here is the list of documents required to apply for the Austria Residence Permit. It is advisable to collect your documents at a place before going to apply-

  • A valid passport will be required
  • Applicant’s completed application form with a receipt for payment of a consular fee
  • Applicant’s passport-size photo will be required
  • A copy of the birth certificate will be required
  • A certificate which should demonstrate that the applicant is clear of all criminal allegations.
  • An  applicant has to prove that he/she has sufficient funds in bank account
  • Proof of having arranged accommodation in Austria. 

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Application Process For Austria Residence Permit

The application process for Austria is given below in a step-by-step manner for those who want to apply for an Austrian Residence Permit-

  • To apply for the Austria Residence Permit applicants have to apply in person at the provincial government authority in your city.
  • While applying for the Residence permit applicant make sure to attach documents carefully with the correct information.
  • In case the applicant is a minor then the application should be signed by both the parents
  • The processing time for the application takes about one month because all the applications are sent to Austria.

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What Is The Cost Of an Austria Residence Permit?

The cost for the Austria Residence Permit differs based on the age of the candidate.120 Euro is the cost of an Austria Residence Permit for those who are over the age of 6. For children who are under the age of 6, the cost of a Residence Permit is 75 euros.


How to get permanent residency in Austria?

To get an Austria Residence Permit an applicant first has to meet the eligibility criteria and then after collecting all of the documents have to apply for the Austria Residence Permit in person at the provincial government authority.

What are the benefits of PR in Austria?

Getting an Austria Permit comes with many benefits such as you will be able to travel freely in the Schengen Area without any restrictions and with this you can also travel to any other country with the Austria Agreement.

How hard is it to immigrate to Austria?

Everyone except citizens of the EU/EEA or Switzerland need a visa and a residence permit to move to Austria. if you attach documents carefully with the correct information then it is not difficult to get your residence permit.

Here we end our article which was about Permanent Residence in Austria and to get more information about visas abroad you can follow Leverage Edu’s page.

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