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canadian visa success rate

Canada is known for its multicultural environment and with it Canada holds many opportunities for people living overseas. Education is one of the major reasons why people migrate to Canada as it stands as the best country to complete higher education there. After education, Canada also stays in front of the healthcare facilities for which people move toward Canada. Canada holds a thriving economy and jobs due to which overseas workers come to Canada in search of high pay and standard of living. In this article, we will learn about the Canadian visa success rate and other related aspects.

Comparison between Canadian Visa Success Rate and Rejection Rate

To read about the Canadian visa success rate and rejection rate here you can get it-

canadian visa success rate

As per the information provided by the IRCC, there is a 40-50 chance that your visa application will get rejected and it is very obvious that the IRCC normally rejects around 30 per cent of visa applications. As we have read, almost 30 per cent are refused each year mostly of the students who want to pursue their bachelor’s degree.IRCC set an excellent success rate of obtaining a Canada visa ranging from 88 percent to 94 percent in 2024. Here is the website of IRCC for your easy access (https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/account.html)

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How to Improve Canada Visa Success Rate?

Some of the steps are given below which define how an applicant can improve their Canadian visa success rate-

  • Required Documents- Applicants are suggested to provide accurate documents which are required along with the application and cross-check the list of required documents to avoid any sort of mistake.
  • Financial Proof- Applicants must have to prove that they have sufficient balance in their account to bear the cost of living in Canada. Sometimes when the applicant fails to show sufficient funds in the account this causes the visa rejection.
  •  Medical Checks- Applicants must have a clear criminal record and should be transparent in disclosing their legal history including any medical examination. The applicant can get a yes for the visa easily if he/she provides a medical certificate with the application for convenience officer.
  • Applicant’s Intention-Applicant must prove his/her intention of travelling they have to explain their all plans during their stay in Canada and provide flight tickets, hotel reservations and a comprehensive travel itinerary which can help to show that their intentions of the applicants are not wrong.
  • Previous Travel History- The previous history of an applicant is checked by the officers to ensure that the applicant does not create the same problem as he/she has done previously.
  • Illegal Status In The Country Of Residence-Applicant must have to demonstrate legal residency in the home country and must resolve any illegal status issues before applying for a Canadian visa with this seeking legal advice to rectify any residency issues is advisable for a successful application.
  • Status of Overstaying- Maintaining a clean immigration record is essential if there is a history where the applicant overstays then this can cause a rejection of the visa application in this situation applicants should demonstrate a clear adherence to visa regulations.

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Canada Visa Processing Time

After completing the application and submitting it with all required documents and biometrics the applicant has to wait for the approval.it is estimated that visa approval approximately takes 8 weeks to receive a valid visa. At this time Canadian Immigration authorities verify your identity and do all necessary security checks.

How to Reapply for a Canada  Visa After Rejection?

Canadian visa application depends upon the visa type for which the applicant is trying to apply for. To apply for a Canadian visa applicant must follow some of the following steps-

Review Refusal Letter– The Applicant is advised to go through the refusal letter carefully and try to understand where the mistake was made.

Review The Reasons- Applicant must understand the mistakes properly to avoid the same next time after reviewing the refusal letter and initiate the appropriate actions to correct earlier mistakes.

Connect With RCIC- Applicant must connect to the immigration attorney or specialist if he/she feels unsure about the rejection reason.

Documents-Applicant must collect the document before applying for the visa application.

New Application-Applicant must fill a new application after considering all of the rejection reasons and should attach the documents in the right format.

Letter Of Explanation must attach the letter of explanation which demonstrates the prior mistakes in your application and how you have sorted them now.

Timelines-Applicant must take care of the deadline for the reapplying of the visa application.

Submit Application After Filing out the application form applicant has to check out the the application once and submit it after paying.

Wait For The Result- After completing the above-mentioned steps the applicant just has to wait for the decision.

If the applicant is feeling unsure or having doubt at any stage of the application then it becomes necessary to take help from a professional counsel.

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What are the chances of getting a Canadian visa?

30-50 per cent is the rejection rate of Canadian visas and in 2024 it is increased to around 88 per cent to 90 per cent which is considered a good rate and due to this many people get a chance to visit Canada.

Are Canadian visas hard to get?

It is not always easy to get a Canadian visa because it involves many steps and a checking process which makes it hard but if we fill the application with a dedicated mind full of concentration then it enhances the chance of visa acceptance by immigration authorities.

Which university in Canada has the highest visa success rate?

According to the details obtained from the immigration department, the University of Toronto which is located in Ontario had the highest rate of visa application approval. The approval rate of the University of Toronto is 90 per cent and on the other hand, McMaster and Waterloo also have a high visa success rate which is around 86.4 percent.

We have completed the article which was about the Canadian visa success rate and if you want to know more about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad stay connected with Leverage Edu’s page to get updated information.

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