9+ ‘Since’ Conjunction Examples with Meaning and Usage 

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Since’ as a conjunction is best suited to join a main clause and a subordinate clause, after being placed at the beginning of subordinating clauses. But, it can also act as a preposition within certain sentences. So, to help you differentiate between ‘since’ as a conjunction and a preposition, herein in this blog, you will explore some common ‘since’ conjunction examples, along with their meaning and usage. 

‘Since’ Conjunction – Meaning and Usage

The meaning of since can vary depending on the context. Some of those situations are mentioned below for your reference:

UsageMeaning of Since
Starting Point in TimeIntroduces a specific point in the past from which something began or has been true.Example: Since she moved to a new city, she has made many new friends.
Reason Connects clauses by expressing a cause or explanation for an action.Example: Since it was raining heavily, we postponed the picnic.
Result‘Since’ can also introduce a consequence or outcome of a previous action. Example: Since you studied hard, you aced the exam!

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9+ ‘Since’ Conjunction Examples

Here are some more examples you ought to check for a better grasp of using the ‘since’ conjunction within a sentence:

  1. Since she learned to code, she’s been building amazing websites.
  2. Since the deadline is approaching, we should all work hard to finish the project.
  3. Since you volunteered at the animal shelter, you seem much happier.
  4. We haven’t been to the beach since last summer.
  5. Since it was snowing heavily, the flight was cancelled.
  6. I’ve known her since we were children.
  7. Since you practised regularly, you won the competition!
  8. Since I was tired, I decided to take a nap.
  9. Since the movie’s release, everyone’s been talking about it.
  10. Since you aced the exam, you must have studied diligently.

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‘Since’ Conjunction Quiz

Let’s see how much you have learned through the ‘since’ conjunction examples in the below grammar quiz. Make sure to fill in the blanks with an appropriate connecting word.

  1. I haven’t seen my grandparents _______ they moved to a new state.
  1. Since
  2. For
  3. Because
  4. When
  5. We decided to stay indoors _______ it was pouring rain outside.
  1. Since
  2. Because
  3. Although
  4. Unless

Answer Key

  1. a) Since
  2. b) Because

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This was all about the ‘since’ conjunction examples and the related information. Hope you understand the concept and know how to proceed. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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