Adverb of Happy: Meaning, Synonyms, Picture & Examples

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The adverb of the word happy is used to describe feelings of pleasure, and satisfaction in a much cheerful manner. Some common synonyms for adverbs of happy are cheerfully, joyfully, blissfully etc. Typically, adverbs are used to describe how an action is being performed. 

Which Type of Adverb is Happy?

The word “happy” functions as an adverb when it is used to modify a verb. Adverbs often describe how an action is performed. For example:

She sang happily.

In these sentences, “happily” modifies the verbs “sang” and “played,” indicating how the actions are performed. Therefore, in these contexts, “happy” is an adverb. However, it’s important to note that “happy” is more commonly used to describe a person’s emotional state (e.g., She is happy).

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9+ Synonyms of Adverb Happy

The synonyms of the adverb happy are used to convey different shades of happiness. Here are 9+ synonyms for the adverb “happy”:

  1. Joyfully
  2. Blissfully
  3. Contentedly
  4. Cheerfully
  5. Delightedly
  6. Gleefully
  7. Merrily
  8. Radiantly
  9. Jovially
  10. Elatedly
  11. Exuberantly

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Picture for Adverb Happy

Usage and Examples of Adverb Happy

The adverb happy describes how an action is performed or how someone feels. These examples state adverbs of happy are used to show contentment, cheerfulness or joy. Here are some easy examples of the adverb happy for your reference: 

✒️ She smiled happily when she received the news.

✒️ The children played happily in the sunshine.

✒️ They chatted happily over a cup of coffee.

✒️ She sang happily along with the music on the radio.

✒️ After weeks of hard work, they celebrated happily.

✒️ The puppy wagged its tail happily when its owner returned home.

Adverb Quiz for Happy

Pick the correct word synonym of the adverb “happy” from the options given below below: 

  • Celebrated
  • Merrily
  • Angrily

Answer: Merrily

This was all about the Averbs of happy with its numerous synonyms, examples, pictures and quizzes. I hope you understood the usage of the word. To read more antonym blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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