13+ Antonyms of Stringent with Examples and Usage

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Synonyms and antonyms act as valuable tools for enhancing language proficiency. They help in the development of a robust vocabulary and improved reading abilities. So, let us understand the antonyms of the stringent to gain proficiency in the English language. Antonyms for stringent are lenient, permissive, relaxed, and flexible.

Origin And Meaning Of Word Stringent

The term stringent  was derived in the mid-17th century from the Latin word “stringere,” which means “to bind” or “to draw tight.”  The word stringent means a sense of rigidity and inflexibility in adhering to certain standards or rules.

Antonyms of Stringent 

Let us dive deeper to learn the opposites of the word stringent. They are as follows:

  1. Lenient
  2. Permissive
  3. Relaxed
  4. Flexible
  5. Lax
  6. Mild
  7. Tolerant
  8. Easygoing
  9. Gentle
  10. Informal
  11. Spoiling
  12. Gentle 
  13. Soft 
  14. Merciful

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Antonyms of Stringent Examples With Usage

Some examples of antonyms of sweet that can be used in a sentence are as follows:

  • Lenient: Rita is quite lenient towards her studies.
  • Permissive: Her parents have a permissive approach to raising their children.
  • Relaxed: The students are feeling relaxed after their exams.
  • Flexible: The manager had a flexible schedule.
  • Lax: The lax security measures lead to the thefts in the society.
  • Mild: The restaurant served mild dishes for the children.
  • Easygoing: Her easygoing nature made her work in harsh conditions.
  • Gentle: The doctor had a gentle approach while dealing with the patients.
  • Informal: Everyone was wearing informal clothes at the party.

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Antonyms of Stringent Quiz

1. Which of the following is the opposite of stringent?

          a. Displeasing

          b. Sugary

          c. Tasty

          d. Odorous

Answer Displeasing

2. Which option is not the opposite of the word stringent?

  1. Pleasing
  2. Rugged
  3. Unrefined
  4. Tasteless

Answer Pleasing

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This was all about the antonym of “stringent” meaning and examples. Hope you understand the term stringent and its usage.  For more such blogs, follow Leverage Edu.

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