Pictures for Preposition: Master the 4 Types through Visuals [PDF Available]

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Pictures for Preposition: Prepositions are those tricky little words that trip up even the most confident language learners. But what if there was a way to make them less, well, prepositional? What if you could use the power of pictures for preposition learning in a way that stays with you for a lifetime? 

Our minds are more in sync with pictorial representation than with alphabets and numbers. If you choose to differ, read it aloud, “The cat is out of the bag” and find out whether you had a visual representation of the sentence in mind. So, let’s witness how a pictorial representation of prepositions and their examples can improve your retention than theories. 

Why do Pictures Prevail over Theory?

Let’s take a quick look to learn why your  brain cells rejoice like a kid for pictorial representation:

  • Pictures tap into your brain’s natural ability to process visual information, making complex ideas easier to grasp.
  • Prepositions often deal with spatial relationships, and what better way to understand those relationships than by seeing them?
  • Moreover, pictures add a touch of playfulness to grammar lessons and keep you motivated.

Pictures for Preposition Types

Now, let’s put the theory into practice and see an imagery representation of the four important types of prepositions, i.e., 

  • Preposition of Time: These prepositions tell us when something happens or how long it lasts.
  • Preposition of Direction: It specifies the direction of movement or location.
  • Preposition of Location: It tells us where something is located or where an action is happening. 
  • Preposition of Space: It elaborates on the spatial relationship between the objects. It also tells us how something is done.

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Pictures for Preposition of Time

Let’s take a look at some useful prepositions that indicate time and learn them better with the help of the following examples and infographic:

  • At: The train leaves at 9:30 am.
  • On: I have a meeting on Tuesday.
  • In: I was born in April.
  • Before: Please call me before you leave.
  • After: I’ll call you after I get home.
  • During: I fell asleep during the movie.
  • For: I’ve been working here for three years.
  • Since: I’ve known her since we were kids.
  • Until/Till: I’ll wait here until you come back.

Pictures for Preposition of Direction with Examples

Since you are already aware that the preposition of direction represents the continuity of any movement, here you go with the common examples for a clearer picture:

  • To: I’m going to the library
  • From: They’re flying from New York to Los Angeles.
  • Into: He walked into the room.
  • Out of: He walked out of the house.
  • Up: He climbed up the ladder.
  • Down: The ball rolled down the hill.
  • Across: The boat sailed across the lake.
  • Through: The train went through the tunnel.
  • Over: The plane flew over the city.
  • Under: The cat hid under the bed.

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Picture for Preposition of Location

Next comes the preposition of location, something that indicates the stationary or exact location of any object. Let’s understand it better through the lens of examples:

  • On: The book is on the table.
  • In: The keys are in my pocket.
  • At: I’m at the store.
  • Near: The park is near the school.
  • Next to: The lamp is next to the bed.
  • Between: The cat is sitting between the two chairs.
  • Above: The plane is flying above the clouds.
  • Below: The fish are swimming below the surface of the water.
  • Under: The car is parked under the tree.
  • Behind: The sun is setting behind the mountains.
  • In front of: The bus stop is in front of the store.

Images of Preposition of Place 

Just like its other counterparts, the prepositions of place also indicate a fixated position of an object. Check the examples below for better clearance of the topic:

  • On: The book is on the table.
  • In: The keys are in my pocket.
  • At: I’m at the store.
  • Near: The park is near the school.
  • Next to: The lamp is next to the bed.

Download the Preposition Pictures PDF

You can also keep a copy of these infographics with you in case you need a sneak peek at anything to confirm which prepositions you should use in a particular situation. 

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This was all about the Pictures for Preposition and their examples. Hopefully, you understood that there is no fixed rule on using them and you should rather depend on reading as many examples as possible to master its usage.

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