Adverb Pictures of Each Type with Examples for Fun Learning (Free Images)

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Adverb Pictures: Imagine words are not just words, they are paints splashed across the sentence, like Leonardo da Vinci with an English grammar book. In the same context, picturise “Quickly” as not just a word, but a blur of motion with a greased lightning streak tearing through the text. Similarly, “softly” is not just a whisper, it is a feather tickle, a velvet touch caressing the reader’s mind. Now, these may sound like metaphors, but these are magic tricks you can play with the English language

If you think about what was this build-up for, then you have had a little encounter with the power of imagination, which you can use to master the usage of adverbs henceforth. So, buckle up, as you are about to see how pictorial learning can work faster than going over the theoretical knowledge again and again. 

What are Adverbs in English?

If you go by the books, adverbs are the experts when you need more information about verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. So, if someone asks you, “How did you finish your homework?” You can throw in an adverb to spice things up and say, “I finished it quickly,” or “I finished it carefully.” 

From hereon, you can follow the adverb pictures below to either steal a glance or save them for future usage.

Pictures for 7 Types of Adverbs

There are seven types of adverbs, each adding a specific layer of detail to your writing or speech. Before we go on exploring Adverbs pictures for each type specifically, let’s look at them as a whole entity:

Adverbs of Manner Picture Card

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Adverbs of Time Picture Card

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Adverbs of Place Picture Card

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Adverbs of Frequency Picture Card

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Adverbs of Degree Image

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Conjunctive Adverbs Pictures

Explore more: Conjunctive Adverbs Meaning, Examples & Exercises

Interrogative Adverbs Pictures

Learn More: Interrogative Adverb Meaning

Picture For Adverbial Phrases

Hopefully, you are not confusing the adverbial phrases with some sort of idiomatic phrase. So, what exactly are adverbial phrases then? Well, they are groups of words that function as adverbs, conveying details like how, when, where, or to what extent an action happens.

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This was all about the adverb rules and examples through the lens of pictorial representation. Hopefully, you found it excitingly helpful and informative. For more such informative reads, stay tuned to Leverage Edu!

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