‘Because’- a Conjunction with Meaning, Examples & Exercise for Practise

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Because’ conjunction examples: The word ‘Because’ is mainly used as a coordinating conjunction in English grammar. It can be noticed, In the middle of the sentence. For example, “He went to bed early because he was feeling tired”. It is quite suitable to introduce, or give a certain reason, or cause for something in a particular sentence. In this blog, you will learn more about the ‘because’ conjunction, and where it is used, to get a better understanding of the terminology. 

‘Because’ Conjunction – Meaning

When introducing the cause or reason of anything, the conjunction “because” is the best. It joins two clauses, the first of which describes the circumstances or action and the second of which explains or gives a reason for it. 

 For Examples: 

  • He didn’t attend the meeting because he was not feeling well.
  • She missed the bus because he overslept.
  • The concert was cancelled because of the bad weather conditions.

‘Because’ Conjunction Example and Usage

The usage of because as a conjunction is important in forming a sentence that denotes cause and effect. Below is how “because” as a conjunction and its usage:

Because conjunction example

Introducing Cause and Effects

It is used to give a reason or cause for an action or situation.

Example: “He couldn’t attend the party because he has to work late”.

Linking Dependent and Independent Clauses

It connects a dependent clause (the reason) to an independent clause (the main idea)

Example: “She went to bed early because she was tired”.

Providing Explanation

It is used to provide an explanation or justification for an event or action.

Example: The trip was cancelled because of the bad weather.

Indicating Causality

It is used to show a causal relationship between two clauses.

Example: The bus broke because it ran out of gas.

Expressing Reason in Persuasive Writing

It is used to give reason or evidence to support the sentence or argument.

Example: I should invest in renewable energy because it rescues carbon emissions and promotes sustainability.

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‘Because’ as Subordinating & Coordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctionsCoordinating conjunctions
He likes coffee, but he prefers teaHe likes coffee, but he prefers tea
He couldn’t attend the meeting because he was feeling unwellHe wanted to go to the party, yet I had too much work to do.
We postpone the event because of a technical issue.We can either choose to study abroad or pursue an internship locally.
She missed the shuttle because she overslept.She can go for a walk, or she can stay in and watch a series.

‘Because’ – A Conjunction Quiz

Instruction: Use the appropriate subordinating conjunction and rewrite the sentences.

  1. He couldn’t sleep _____________ he had drunk too much coffee.
  1. When
  2. Because
  3. Although
  4. Since

     2. She decided to go to the beach _______________ despite the weather forecast predicted rain.

  1. Unless
  2. Because
  3. Even though
  4. after

3. She went to bed early _______________ despite having an important meeting the next day.

  1. Since
  2. Unless
  3. While
  4. So that

4. _____________ despite it was cold outside, they still went in the park.

  1. Despite
  2. Until
  3. Since
  4. Even though

5. He couldn’t find the keys _______________ despite remembering he left them in the car

  1. As soon as
  2. unless
  3. until
  4. because

6. I’ll have to postpone the picnic _______________ it’s raining heavily.

  1. Since
  2. Although
  3. Until
  4. When

7. She couldn’t watch the movie ______________ she has to study for her exam.

  1. If
  2. Before
  3. Because
  4. after

8. __________________ he had finished his work, he decided to take a break.

  1. Once
  2. Because
  3. Since
  4. While

9. We couldn’t go hiking ______________ they didn’t have the proper gear.

  1. Unless
  2. After
  3. Because
  4. Although

10. ___________________ it was late, they continued to work on their projects.

  1. Since
  2. Even though
  3. Although
  4. while


  1. a) when
  2. c) even though
  3. d) so that
  4. a) despite
  5. c) until
  6. c) until
  7. c) because
  8. a) once
  9. d) although
  10. b) even though

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