11+ However Conjunction Examples That You Must Know!

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However conjunction example: Conjunctions, also known as connecting words are used to connect two sentences. One such conjunction word is ‘however’ which is often used in the middle of a sentence to connect two situations. Ideally in English vocabulary, this word is used to connect two independent clauses. If you are a grammar nazi, you must know the meaning of this word, how it is used in sentences and much more. To make things easier, we have compiled a blog post which will tell you all about it.  

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Meaning of ‘However’

The word ‘however’ is used in sentences to signify ‘even so’ or ‘on the other hand’ and is used to introduce a complication or contradiction. In layman’s words, it is used when one says something different from the previous statement. This word can also be used as an adverb. Here are some example sentences of ‘however’ which will give you a better understanding.

However Conjunction

‘However’ Conjunction – Usage

‘However’ is a coordinating conjunction which is used to connect two independent clauses. Also, in this, the word joins two equal elements in a sentence. This could be clauses, phrases, or words, and indicates a contrast or contradiction between them. Some commonly used words which fall under this category are: nor, and, but, or, for, and yet. 

19+ Sentences with ‘However’ Conjunction

Here are some sentences on ‘however’ which will help you understand how this conjunction can be used.

Sarah studied diligently for the exam; however, she still didn’t perform as well as she had hoped.
The restaurant received rave reviews for its food; however, the service was disappointingly slow.
Mark had practiced his speech numerous times; however, he still stumbled over his words during the presentation.
The weather forecast predicted sunny skies for the weekend; however, it ended up raining heavily.
I wanted to go to the party; however, I had too much work to finish.
The company invested heavily in marketing efforts; however, sales did not improve as expected.
The hotel advertised luxurious accommodations; however, the rooms were small and outdated.
We planned to go hiking in the mountains; however, a sudden snowstorm forced us to change our plans.
Jane followed the recipe carefully; however, the cake turned out dry and tasteless.
The politician promised to lower taxes if elected; however, once in office, taxes were raised instead.
The team had a strong lineup of players; however, they struggled to win games throughout the season.
She wanted to go to the party; however, she had to finish her homework first.
The weather forecast predicted rain; however, the skies remained clear throughout the day.
He studied diligently for the exam; however, he still struggled to pass.
The restaurant received rave reviews; however, the service was disappointingly slow.
She loved the apartment’s location; however, the rent was too high for her budget.
The project was well-planned; however, unexpected delays caused it to be completed behind schedule.
He apologized sincerely for his mistake; however, the damage had already been done.
The company invested heavily in marketing efforts; however, sales did not meet expectations.
The dog was well-trained; however, it occasionally exhibited unruly behavior.
She had reservations about the plan; however, she ultimately decided to go along with it.

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What conjunction is ‘however’?

The word ‘however’ will come under the coordinating conjunction category. However, this word can also be termed as an adverb.

What are some other examples of coordinating conjunctions?

Other examples of coordinating conjunctions are nor, and, but, or, for, and yet. 

Is ‘however’ a connective word?

Words like ‘however’, ‘nevertheless’ and ‘nonetheless’ are formal words which are also known as connective adverbs. 

We hope this blog provided you with all the necessary information on however conjunction example. To advance your grammar knowledge and read more informative blogs, check out our Learn English page and don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu.

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