What is the Abstract Noun of Honest? Learn Meaning, Synonyms, & Examples

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Noun of Honest

The abstract noun of honest is ‘honesty’, representing the quality of being truthful, sincere, and free from deceit or fraud. An abstract noun denotes qualities that you can only experience or feel. Let us learn more about the honesty, its meaning, synonyms, and more in this blog to improve your English grammar knowledge. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Honest? – Meaning

As you know the word ‘honest’ is an adjective which becomes a noun after adding a suffix ‘-y’ (honest+ y = honesty). As a noun, honesty is a fundamental virtue that underpins ethical behaviour and integrity in personal and professional relationships.

For example,Honesty is the best policy, as it fosters trust and respect in relationships.”

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11+ Synonyms of Honesty

Now, go through the following words having similar meanings to the word ‘honesty’. 

Synonyms of AttractiveSynonyms of Humble
Synonyms of EnvironmentSynonyms of Easy
Synonyms of HouseholdSynonyms of Awkward

Pictures of Abstract Noun of Honest

Here are some more synonyms of ‘choose’ that you can overview and save for practising later in the English language.

noun of honest- synonyms of honesty
Source: Periwinkle

Examples of Honest as Noun in Sentences

To better understand how to use the word ‘honesty’ in English sentences, here are some examples you can go through:

  • I appreciated her honesty during our discussion.
  • She was known for her truthfulness and straightforwardness.
  • His sincerity was clear in his heartfelt apology.
  • His trustworthiness made him a valued friend.
  • Her uprightness was reflected in her fair decision-making.

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Noun Quiz

Last but not least, if you are confident in learning honest as an abstract noun so far, test your knowledge of the word with the following noun quizzes:-

Q.1. I value  _______  in my friendships.

  1. Honest
  2. Honesty

Q.2. He answered the questions  _______ , even though they were difficult.

  1.  Honest
  2. Honestly

Check Your Answers Here!

Q.1. A. Honest

Q.2. B. Honestly

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This was all about the noun form of honest and its meanings and examples. Hopefully, you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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