What is the Noun of Believe: Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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‘Believe’ is a verb but here we will find more about the noun of ‘Believe’. Believe means to accept that something is true without any proof. If you believe somebody then you will have huge trust in them and you believe whatever they say. The proof is not required when you trust somebody.

‘Believe’ is an old German word that means to have trust. It was first used before the 12th century. It has its origin in the Middle English word ‘beleven’, from the Old English word belēfan, made from be- + lȳfan, lēfan means to allow. Additionally, the word has origins in the Old High German word gilouben and Old English lēof.

Which Type of Noun of Believe Is?

The noun of believe is belief and its adjective is believable. The word ‘belief’ can be a countable or uncountable type of noun depending on the context. Normally, if the word belief means the idea of having faith in something then it’s an uncountable noun. However, if the word belief refers to specifying the doctrine and ideas it is a countable noun. 

For Example:

UncountableAmy’s belief in God was profound.
CountableThe old man judges society on his beliefs and values.

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15 Synonyms of Believe

Finding the synonyms of the Believe helps us understand the word more clearly and correctly in sentences. Here, are some of the synonyms of Believe that will enhance your vocabulary in English.

  • Admit 
  • Accept
  • Accredit 
  • Affirm 
  • Consider 
  • Have 
  • Regard 
  • Conclude
  • Hold 
  • Suppose 
  • Trust
  • Think 
  • Understand 
  • Suppose 
  • Regard 

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Picture For Noun Of Beleive

Let’s understand the synonyms of the noun of believe i.e. belief so that we can use it clearly in a sentence.

noun of belief: synonym of believe

Examples of Noun of Believe

Now when we understand the usage of the Noun of believe. Let’s take a look at some of the examples of noun of believe.

  • Tim’s belief in God is incomparable.
  • I was in a belief that the table would last longer.
  • Contrary to popular belief, statistics don’t lie.
  • His political beliefs are completely different from the whole of the group.
  • Most of the religions in the world have a belief in one god.

Noun Quiz of Believe

Now when you have an understanding of the noun of believe, you can take the following quiz to test your knowledge.

  1. Coach____in the team when no one else did.

      A). belief

      B). believe

      C). believed

      D). believer

  1. His____on God has saved him many times.

     A).  belief

     B). believe

     C). believed

     D). believer

Check your Answers below!

  1. C). believed
  2. A). belief
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