What is Noun of Kind: Check Meaning, Synonyms, & Example

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Noun of Kind: The word ‘kind’ is an adjective and its noun form is kindness. It represents a group of people who have some compassion in them. But, it can also symbolise similarities, a variety or a certain type of thing.

In old English, the nouns cynd(e), gecynd(e) are of German origin and have a relation to the word kin. The real form was ‘nature, also ‘innate character, or condition or form’ (compared with the type of adjective); hence ‘a type ’or‘ race differentiated by inherent features’.

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What is Noun of Kind?

‘Kind’ is a type of adjective showing the mindful and helpful nature of a particular person. The abstract noun of kind is ‘kindness’ in English grammar referring to good quality. As a noun, it represents the quality of treating somebody with warmth and deliberation. For Example, Tom is known for his kindness in the town.

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15 Synonyms of Kind

The word kind is easy to understand and is used in different places to show an act of kindness. There are lots of synonyms for the word kind that will help in understanding it and can be used in place of it for improving the English vocabulary.

  1. Affectionate
  2. Charitable
  3. Amiable
  4. Considerate
  5. Compassionate
  6. Courteous
  7. Cordial
  8. Gentle
  9. Friendly
  10. Kindly 
  11. Gracious
  12. Kindhearted 
  13. Humane
  14. Loving 
  15. Thoughtful 

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Picture for Noun of Kind

The Noun for Kind can vary depending on its different types of forms. Let’s understand the synonyms of kind through the picture given below which you can download for a better understanding of their usage in different sentences.

synonyms of kindness

Examples of Noun for Kind in Sentences

Let’s understand the word kind which is ‘kindness’ in a better way by its usage in different sentences. So, some of the examples of Noun of kind are:

  • The boys showed kindness towards the poor puppy.
  • The kindness the man possesses is harder to find anywhere.
  • Sam was happy to see the kindness of his sister.
  • The captain thanked the team for all the kindness and support.
  • “But people need to be treated with compassion, kindness, and support, not as criminals.”

Noun Quiz of Kind

Now when we have understood the noun of kind let’s take the quiz given below for testing your knowledge about the topic.

  1. I’m the____of person who loves to do everything right.

A). kind

B). kindness

C). Kindance

  1. The college is the first of its____in Britain.

            A). kindness

            B). kin
            C). kind

  1. His____impressed everyone present in the audience.

A). kindness

B). kind

C). kinds

Check your Answers below!

  1. A). kind
  2. C). kind
  3. A). kindness
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