What is Noun of Receive: Definition, Synonyms & Examples

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Noun of Receive: The word ‘receive’ means to get something from someone. The noun of receive has high importance as knowing about it will help you to use it correctly in English Grammar. Receive is a type of verb but can be used as a noun in its infinitive form. 

The word ‘receive’ was first recorded during 1250-1300 from the middle English word ‘received’ and the Old North French word ‘receive’. Its origin can also be found in the Latin word recipes which are equal to re-re- + -cipere which combines the capere form “to take”.

What is Noun of Receive?

The Noun of ‘receive’ is receipt which is the act of receiving or the fact that having received something. Some of the abstract nouns of receive are receivables, reception, and receiving. The word receipt is used to show quantity, evidence, document, the act of hospitality, the capability of receiving, etc. 

For Example: The payment receipt was not given by the shopkeeper.

                        The income tax receipt shows the amount that is to be paid.

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15 Synonyms of Noun Receive.

Understanding the synonyms of the noun of receive can help in understanding the meaning and usage of the word. You can help yourself by learning about the synonyms of receive and enhance your English Vocabulary:

  • Get 
  • Acquire 
  • Obtain 
  • Collect 
  • Derive
  • Pick up 
  • Take 
  • Accept
  • Be given 
  • Bear 
  • Suffer 
  • Encounter 
  • Undergo
  • Sustain
  • Endure 

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Other Synonyms

Learn more about the different synonyms of the word receive to get an idea about its usage in different forms of writing. The Synonyms list is given below to understand them in a better way.

Examples of Noun of Receive

Let’s discuss some examples for gaining expertise in the usage of the Noun ‘receive’ in different sentences.

  • A huge welcoming reception was going to be held tomorrow for the newly crowned champion.
  • Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize in 1979.
  • The receiver of the letter gave a specific reply to the sender.
  • The wide receiver caught the ball running backward.
  • When will you receive the gift sent by your uncle?

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Now you have cleared all the doubts regarding the usage of the Noun of receive, take the following test to test your knowledge.

  1. The____ and I shared a laugh in his office.

A). Receiver

B). Receptionist

C). Received

  1. He made the remarks at a dinner____ to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the couple. 

A). receiver

B). receive

C). reception

3. He received a____book for cooking

A). recipient

B). receiver

C). recipe

Check your Answers below!

1. A). Receiver

2. B). reception

3. C). Recipe

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