What is the Noun of Bright? Check Meaning, Synonyms & Examples

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Noun of Bright

Bright in its normal form is an adjective while in the plural form, it is a noun. It is a shining sparkling light that has high saturation. The bright is a quality and the perceived glow of an object. While expressing that something is being lit up at a high level the word bright is used. Common synonyms of the noun of ‘bright’ are flashing, beaming, shiny, intense and several others which you will read further. To find more information on the noun of bright, continue reading this blog post. 

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What is the Abstract Noun of Bright? – Meaning and Origin

The abstract noun of ‘bright’ is ‘brightness’ which refers to how the glow of a light increases or decreases. Brightness is the quality of releasing the reflecting light. You must have seen on the laptop or computer screen the option of adjusting the brightness according to the visibility you want. The screen’s lightning intensity is enhanced if you increase the brightness and reduces when you decrease it. 

The word Bright originated from the Old English word ‘bryht’, Norwegian ‘bjart’, Dutch ‘brecht’, and Proto-Germanic ‘berhtaz’. It has Indo-European roots and also finds origin in the Albanian word ‘bardhë’ and Lithuanian ‘brekšta’.

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9+ Synonyms of Bright

The word bright has so many synonyms that share similar meanings with it. It is crucial to correctly use these words in a sentence according to the rules. Here, we will tell you some synonyms of the word ‘Bright’ that can be used in place of it. 


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Picture For Noun of Bright

Let’s understand some of the synonyms of bright by the use of the picture. You can download the picture and can use it further.

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Examples of Bright as Noun in Sentences

The correct usage of the word ‘Bright’ can be understood by its examples. So, some of the examples of Bright are:

  • The light in the room is too bright.
  • A bright star was shining on the west side of the sky.
  • The bright student scored 85% on the examination.
  • He shifted from the village to the city attracted by the bright light of it.
  • The room’s lights were too bright affecting the eyes of the little girl.

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Noun Quiz of Bright

Now when you are confident enough about the usage of the noun of bright, you can take the following quiz to test your knowledge about it. 

  1. The____student scored the maximum mark in the subject.

      A). Brightest

      B). Bright

      C). Brights

      D). Brightness

  1. The_____of the TV is at the highest level.

      A). Brightest

      B). Bright

      C). Brights

      D). Brightness

  1. The man is having_____future as he has immense knowledge about the product.

      A). Brightest

      B). Brights

      C). Bright

      D). Brightness

Check your Answers below!

  1. B). Bright
  2. D). Brightness
  3. C). Bright

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