What is the Noun of Die: Check Meaning, Synonyms, and Examples

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Noun of Die

The noun form of Die is death which is an abstract noun in English grammar that describes a state that means somebody who has lost their life and is no longer living. If someone ceases to live and their body parts functioning stops then the word die is used. Another meaning of die is a small cube that has black dots in it and is used in ancient games. In this blog, you will explore the noun of ‘die’

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What is the Abstract Noun of Die? – Meaning and Origin

The noun of the die is ‘death’ which is an abstract noun means that something that is not living now. Abstract Noun shows something that cannot be touched or seen but it can be felt. Some writers showcase death as a concrete noun.

The word die has a Germanic origin coming from “dien” which is a Middle English word. It also gets references from “dawjaną,” which is a Proto-Germanic word, and “deyja” which is an Old Norse word. 

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15 Synonyms of Die

Die is a word that has so many synonyms that exist in the English language. It is important to use this word correctly in a sentence following the rules. Here, we will tell you about some of the synonyms of Die that will help you in improving your vocabulary in English.

Pass awayPerish

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Picture For Noun of Die

Let’s understand the synonyms of the Noun of Die with the help of the picture that you can download for further use.

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Examples of Die as Noun in Sentences

Now that we understand the Noun of Die let’s discuss some examples of it that will help you to use it in sentences.

  • The plants will die if you do not water them regularly.
  • The only certainty that exists in life is that we will die one day.
  • Great Man assured that his name would never die.
  • You are not going to die after all.
  • They were expected to die from starvation.

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Noun Quiz Of Die

Now when you have an understanding of the noun of die, you can take the following quiz to test your knowledge.

  1. The man claims that he’s not afraid to___.

      A). died

      B). die

      C). death

      D). None of the above

  1. He___ at the age of 92.

      A). died

      B). die

      C). death

      D). None of the above

  1. Most people___ within two to three years of their first symptoms.

      A). died

      B). death

      C). die

      D). None of the above

Check your Answers below!

  1. B). die
  2. A). died
  3. C). die

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