What is the Adverb of Anxiety: Check Meaning, Synonyms, & Examples

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The adverb of anxiety is “anxiously”. It is extracted from the word anxious and acts as an adjective in the sentence. The word “anxiously” signifies a heightened emotional state associated with anticipation or concern. The word anxiously also refers to the sense of nervousness, worry, or apprehension.

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What is the Type of Adverb of Anxiety?

The adverb of anxiety as “anxiously” describes actions or behaviours characterized by a state of uneasiness. For example, She awaits anxiously for her board results. Here anxiously denotes that she is worried about her results. Therefore it indicates how she waited for her board results. Thus anxiously is an example of an adverb of manner.

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15 Synonyms of Adverb Anxiously

Here is the list of synonyms of anxiously that can be learned by the students to expand their vocabulary in English. Students can use these words instead of anxiously in the sentence to make it more effective.

  1. Nervously
  2. Apprehensively
  3. Eagerly
  4. Uneasily
  5. Restlessly
  6. Warily
  7. Tensely
  8. Anticipatively
  9. Fretfully
  10. Agitatedly
  11. Concernedly
  12. Edgily
  13. Impatiently
  14. Worriedly
  15. Jitterily

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Picture for Adverb of Anxiety

The below picture reflects the synonyms of ‘anxiously” that students can memorize and download for their future usage.

Adverb Anxiously

Examples of Anxiously

Let us understand and master the usage of adverbs for anxiety with the help of the following examples.

  • As the deadline approached, Sarah worked anxiously to complete her project on time.
  • Tom paced the waiting room anxiously, eager to hear news about his sister’s surgery.
  • The students sat anxiously in the classroom, awaiting the results of their final exams.
  • Emily checked her phone anxiously, hoping for a response from the job interviewer.
  • The cat watched anxiously as the thunderstorm raged outside.

Adverb Quiz

As you know all about the adverb anxiously, it is time to solve the following quiz based on the adverbs of anxiously.

     1. Which of the following sentences uses “anxiously” correctly?

         a) Mark looked at the painting on the wall with an anxious expression.

         b) The children played in the park in anxiety.

         c) She waited for the bus nervously at the stop.

         d) He smiled anxiously at the surprise party.

   2. The students waited __________ for the professor to announce the exam results.

        a) eagerly

        b) anxiously

        c) happily

        d) lazily

Check your Answers below!

  1. c) She waited for the bus nervously at the stop.
  2. b) anxiously.

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This was all about the “Adverb of Anxiety” its meanings, and examples. Hope you understand the concept and where it’s used. You can also follow Leverage Edu for more exciting and informative blogs.

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