What is Noun for Proud: Meaning, Examples & Synonyms

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Noun for proud: The noun for “proud” is certainly “pride.” “Pride” refers to the feeling of joy or pleasure that comes from something you or someone you’re connected to has accomplished or achieved. Such as: “His pride would not allow him to apologize.” Some common synonyms of the noun “proud” are delight, joy, pleasure, prestige etc. In this blog, we will explain you about pride, the noun form of proud, synonyms and much more.

What is the Type of Noun for Proud? With Meaning

‘Proud’ is a type of adjective which is used in sentences to describe in instances when someone is proud of another person. Here are some types of nouns related to “proud” with meaning and examples:

Part of SpeechWordsMeaning of the wordsExample
Abstract NounPrideIt refers to the feeling of deep joy or happiness itself.The teacher felt a surge of pride watching her students succeed.
Related NounBoastThis refers to a display of pride, often in a negative wayHer constant boasts about his wealth alienated his friends.

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11+ Synonyms of Proud & Pride

The word ‘proud’ is easy and can be used in several ways when constructing sentences. To understand this word, here is a list of synonyms for this word which will help you in improving your English vocabulary. 

Proud (As Adjective)Pride (As Noun)

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Picture for Noun of Proud

The Noun for Proud can vary depending on its different types of forms. Let’s understand the synonyms of proud through the picture given below which you can download for understanding their usage in different sentences.

Examples of Noun for Proud in Sentences

Let’s have a look at the following examples of proud as a noun within sentences. Here are a few of them:

  • The teacher felt proud watching her students succeed.
  • The young chef felt proud after mastering a complex dish.
  • My son’s graduation was a proud moment for me.
  • Their parents were proud to see their children’s graduation marks.
  • The unemployed woman was too proud to take a job as a maid.
  • He has a reputation for being proud and arrogant.


Instruction: Given below for testing your knowledge about the noun.

Q1. What type of noun is “pride”?

  1. Proper Noun 
  2. Common Noun 
  3. Abstract Noun 
  4. Concrete Noun

Q2. The national flag is a symbol of a country’s _____.

  1. Power 
  2. Wealth 
  3. Pride 
  4. Humility

Check Your Answers

  1. C) Abstract Noun
  2. C) Pride
Source: JK Sound Guide

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