Jump Through Hoops Idiom Meaning, Synonyms, Examples

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jump through hoops idiom

It is so annoying (but necessary) when you have to jump through so many hoops to get on a flight, isn’t it? The “jump through hoops” idiom refers to the process of following a complicated series of tasks to achieve a specific objective. The phrase generally implies a bunch of time-consuming tasks in between that cause delays in the completion of the main task.

As the name suggests, this idiom was adopted from the animals that perform in a circus in the early 20th century. These animals were made to perform a series of tricks, often dangerous, to awe, delight, and entertain the audience. 

Usage With Examples

Here are a few sentences that will show you how to use the “jump through hoops” idiom accurately:

  1. I had to jump through hoops to get this visa, and now they tell me it’s expired.
  2. She makes her employees jump through hoops for every little thing and never appreciates their efforts.
  3. He’s not worth it, you know. You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to make him happy.
  4. They jumped through hoops to get their son into the best school, but he dropped out after a year.
  5. Why do we have to jump through hoops to get a refund? It’s not our fault that the product was defective.
  6. They won’t let us adopt the dog unless we jump through hoops and prove that we are responsible owners.

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Synonyms and Similar Words

There are many other words and phrases that are used in the same context as the “jump through hoops” idiom. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Attempting
  2. Endeavouring
  3. Trying
  4. Tackling
  5. Venturing
  6. Pull out all the stops
  7. Go above and beyond
  8. Jump through fire
  9. Move heaven and earth

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Jump Through Hoops Idiom Quiz

Choose the best way to complete the sentence using the idiom “jump through hoops”.

I don’t think I’ll apply for that scholarship. It seems like you have to _____________ just to get an interview.

A) jump through hoops 

B) jump over hoops 

C) jump into hoops 

D) jump around hoops

The correct answer is A) jump through hoops. 

We hope you didn’t have to jump too many hoops to understand the meaning of the “jump through hoops” idiom in this blog. And don’t forget to follow Leverage Edu to explore idioms in English daily. Happy Learning!

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