99+ Adjectives Starting With R Meanings With Examples [PDF Available]

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Adjectives that start with R: Adjectives play a pivotal role when it comes to enriching our vocabulary and adding depth to our descriptions. In fact, they infuse life into our conversations and writing, so that we can paint vivid pictures with words. So, whether you’re a wordsmith in pursuit of expanding your lexicon or simply curious about the richness of language, this exploration promises to be a delightful one.

Therefore, let’s turn our attention to adjectives that start with R with meaning and example. Especially, from the resplendent to the rational, these adjectives offer a fascinating array of ways to convey attributes, emotions, and qualities.

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Complete List of Adjectives From A-Z

Here is a list of popular adjectives that begin with the letter ‘R’:

Adjectives Meaning Example
Radiant Emitting or reflecting light; shining brightly. The bride looked absolutely radiant on her wedding day.
Robust Strong, healthy, and full of energy. His robust constitution allowed him to work long hours without fatigue.
Reckless Acting without thinking about the consequences; lacking caution. His reckless behaviour behind the wheel led to a serious accident.
Resilient Capable of recovering quickly from setbacks or difficulties. The resilient plants in the desert can survive harsh conditions.
Rapid Happening or moving quickly; swift. The rapid expansion of technology has transformed our lives.
Reliable Trustworthy and dependable; consistently good in quality or performance. She’s a reliable friend who you can always count on.
Remote Distant or far away in location; isolated. Their house was located in a remote area, far from any town or city.
Ravenous Extremely hungry; voracious. After the long hike, they were ravenous and devoured their meal.
Ruthless Showing no mercy or compassion; cruel and unrelenting. The ruthless dictator suppressed all opposition without hesitation.
Radiant Emitting or reflecting light;
shining brightly.
The sunsets over the ocean were always a radiant sight.
Resourceful Skilled at finding creative solutions to problems;
able to use available resources effectively.
Her resourceful thinking helped her solve the complex puzzle.
Reverent Showing deep respect and admiration. The students were reverent as they listened to the wise old professor.
Redundant Unnecessarily repetitive;
exceeding what is necessary or normal.
The extra explanation was redundant and added nothing to the discussion.
Relentless Persistent and unyielding;
never giving up.
The relentless pursuit of her goals eventually led to success.

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Descriptive Adjectives that Start with R with Examples

Here’s a list of descriptive adjectives that start with the letter ‘R’:

Adjectives Meaning Example
Rambunctious Noisy, uncontrollable, and full of energy. The rambunctious children played loudly in the backyard.
Rhapsodic Filled with intense emotion
or enthusiasm.
Her rhapsodic speech about the beauty of nature moved the audience to tears.
Recondite Complex, difficult to understand, or obscure. The professor’s lecture on quantum physics was recondite and left most students bewildered.
Refractory Resistant to control, authority, or treatment. The refractory patient refused to follow the doctor’s orders.
Retrograde Moving backwards or declining The company’s retrograde financial performance led to layoffs.
Riveting Holding one’s attention in a compelling and captivating way. The novel was so riveting that I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.
Rustic Characteristic of the countryside Their rustic cabin in the woods was a peaceful escape from city life.
Ravenous Extremely hungry or voracious. After the long hike, they were ravenous and devoured their picnic lunch.
Resplendent Shining brilliantly or impressively; radiant. The bride looked resplendent in her wedding gown.
Rubenesque Having a full, rounded
figure or body.
She admired the beauty of Rubenesque paintings that celebrated curvy women.
Rococo Ornate and highly decorative in style The rococo design of the palace featured intricate details and embellishments.
Runic Relating to ancient runic alphabets or symbols The mysterious inscriptions on the ancient stone were written in runic script.
Rakish Having a dashing, stylish,
or slightly unconventional appearance
His rakish charm made him the centre of attention at the party.
Remunerative Profitable or financially rewarding. The new job offer was highly remunerative, with a generous salary and bonuses.

Positive Adjectives that Start with R with Examples

Here’s a list of positive adjectives that start with the letter “R”:

Adjectives Meaning Example
Reticent Reserved, not inclined
to speak openly
She was reticent about her personal life, rarely sharing details with others.
Rhapsodical Expressing intense enthusiasm or emotion. His rhapsodical praise for the art exhibit impressed the curator.
Rambunctious Noisy, uncontrollable,
and full of energy.
The rambunctious puppies were tearing around the yard, playing with boundless energy.
Reverberant Echoing or resounding,
as if in a series of reverberations.
The sound of the church bells was reverberant in the quiet village.
Redolent Fragrant or aromatic The garden was redolent with the smell of blooming flowers.
Resolute Determined, unwavering, and firmly resolved. Despite the challenges, she remained resolute in her pursuit of her dream career.
Radiant Emitting or reflecting
Her radiant smile lit up the entire room.
Resilient Capable of bouncing
back from adversity
The resilient community quickly rebuilt after the natural disaster.
Resourceful Skilled at finding creative solutions to problems His resourceful approach to the project saved both time and money.
Rejuvenating Making someone feel refreshed A weekend in the peaceful countryside was a rejuvenating experience.
Remarkable Worthy of attention or notice Her remarkable achievements in the field of science earned her numerous awards.
Respectful Showing consideration
and politeness toward others.
He was always respectful and courteous in his interactions with colleagues.

Negative Adjectives that Start with R with Examples

Here’s a list of negative adjectives that start with the letter “R”:

Adjectives Meaning Example
Racist Prejudiced against or discriminatory
towards people
of other races.
The racist police officer refused to arrest the white man who had assaulted the Black man.
Raging Angrily excited or violent. The raging bull charged at the matador.
Rash Acting without thought He made a rash decision to quit his job without another one lined up.
Rattling Making a series of short, sharp noises. The rattling of the old car engine was getting louder and louder.
Rebellious Disobedient or resistant to authority. The rebellious teenager refused to go to school.
Reckless Acting without thinking
or regard for the consequences.
The reckless driver caused a serious accident.
Refusal An act of refusing to do something. His refusal to cooperate with the police made it difficult to solve the crime.
Regrettable Unfortunate or causing disappointment. The regrettable mistake cost the company a lot of money.
Relentless Continuing without pause or rest. The relentless rain caused flooding in the city.
Remorseless Showing or feeling no regret or remorse. The remorseless criminal showed no sympathy for his victims.
Reprehensible Deserving censure or condemnation. The reprehensible behaviour of the politician shocked the public.
Repugnant Extremely distasteful or offensive. The repugnant smell of the rotting garbage made everyone gag.
Repulsive Causing intense dislike or disgust. The repulsive sight of the maggot-infested food made him feel sick.
Resentment Bitterness or ill will be
felt towards someone.
She held a deep resentment towards her ex-husband.
Rigid Inflexible or unwilling to change or compromise. The rigid rules made it difficult for employees to do their jobs.
Ruthless Showing no mercy or compassion; cruel. The ruthless dictator ordered the execution of his political opponents.

Neutral Adjectives that Start with R with Examples

Here’s a list of neutral adjectives that start with the letter “R”:

Adjectives Meaning Example
Reticent Reserved She was reticent about sharing her personal experiences with strangers.
Reclusive Preferring a solitary or secluded lifestyle The author lived a reclusive life in the countryside to focus on writing.
Redundant Unnecessarily repetitive The additional explanation seemed redundant, as the topic had already been covered.
Risible Capable of provoking laughter or amusement His risible anecdotes and jokes always lightened the mood at family gatherings.
Requisite Required or necessary for a particular purpose A valid ID is a requisite for entering the secure facility.
Residual Remaining or left behind after the main par There were residual effects of the medication that lingered for a few hours.
Robotic Displaying characteristics
or behaviours similar to
those of a robot
Displaying characteristics or behaviours similar to those of a robot
Rectangular Having the shape of a rectangle The table had a rectangular top that provided ample space for meals.
Recurrent Occurring repeatedly or at regular intervals The recurrent issues with the software needed to be addressed.
Random Lacking a specific pattern
or order
The lottery numbers are drawn at random, making it a game of chance.
Refractive Capable of bending The refractive properties of the lens allowed for clearer vision.
Reluctant Hesitant or unwilling
to do something
He was reluctant to accept the new job offer due to the long commute.
Retrospective Looking back on
or related to the past
The art gallery featured a retrospective of the artist’s work over the years.
Renowned Widely known and respected The town is renowned for its historic landmarks and cultural heritage.
Recyclable Capable of being recycled The packaging materials are made from recyclable materials to reduce waste.

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Complete List of Adjectives that Start with the Letter R

Here’s a complete list of adjectives that start with the letter R:

Complete List of Adjectives that Start with the Letter R – Download PDF

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Adjectives that Start with the Letter R to Describe a Person with Examples

Here’s a list of adjectives that start with R to describe a person with examples:

Adjectives Meaning Examples
Resilient Able to bounce back from adversity Despite facing many setbacks, she remained resilient and kept pursuing her goals.
Radiant Emitting happiness, beauty, or positive energy. Her radiant personality always brightened the room and lifted spirits.
Reliable Trustworthy and consistent in keeping promises or commitments. Sarah is a reliable friend who is always there when you need her.
Rational Possessing the ability to think logically She approached the problem in a rational and systematic manner.
Receptive Open to new ideas The team was receptive to feedback and eager to improve.
Reserved Typically quiet or shy, not overly expressive Although he’s reserved, he’s a great listener and provides thoughtful insights.
Relaxed Calm and not easily stressed or anxious. After a long day, she enjoys spending time in her relaxed and peaceful garden.
Resolute Firmly determined and unwavering in one’s convictions. Her resolute commitment to social justice fueled her activism.
Romantic Expressing or characterized
by deep feelings of love or affection.
He planned a romantic dinner for their anniversary.
Rational Based on reason or logic
rather than emotions.
The decision to invest in the stock market was purely rational and data-driven.
Resplendent Shining brilliantly or impressively The bride looked resplendent in her wedding gown.
Reverent Showing deep respect and admiration. The congregation was reverent during the church service.
Realistic Having a practical and pragmatic outlook She had a realistic approach to budgeting and financial planning.
Responsible Accountable for one’s actions He is responsible for managing the company’s finances.
Reliable Trustworthy and dependable The car has been reliable for years, with no major breakdowns.

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Example Sentences for Adjectives that Start with “R”

Here’s a list of example sentences for adjectives that start with R:

  • The red roses in the garden added a vibrant touch of colour to the landscape.
  • His restless energy made it difficult for him to sit still during the long meeting.
  • The old, abandoned house had a ramshackle appearance, with broken windows and a sagging roof.
  • She gave a radiant smile when she heard the good news about her promotion.
  • Despite the challenging circumstances, he remained resolute in his determination to succeed.
  • The reclusive author rarely made public appearances and preferred a quiet life.
  • The resourceful scout used his knowledge of the wilderness to start a fire with limited supplies.
  • Her rhythmic dance moves captivated the audience and left them in awe.
  • The reluctant student was hesitant to speak in front of the class, but with encouragement, she gained confidence.
  • The reliable car never failed to start, even on the coldest winter mornings.
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