ReachIvy Scholarship 2023: Counselling, Essay Tips

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Reachivy Scholarship 2022

ReachIvy’s Consultancy Services assists students with mentorships/applications to help them to get successfully accepted into top-ranked prestigious colleges/universities all over the world. Aspiring students aiming to enrol themselves in any top-tier international university are given free monetary aid through the ReachIvy Scholarship. ReachIvy Scholarship helps students to write a compelling and comprehensive scholarship letter with an effective strategy and makes sure that their scholarship application is considered for the financial aid that they truly deserve. 

ReachIvy League has successfully helped students get admission at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Columbia University, Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania, the London School of Economics and Political Science, the University of Michigan, the University of Oxford, and the University of Chicago amongst others. The counselling sessions are available for up to 5-10 applicants every year for free. However, the scholarship does not cover the college/university tuition fees, or other miscellaneous costs.

What is ReachIvy Scholarship?

Before applying for the ReachIvy scholarship 2023, a candidate should be made aware of why the ReachIvy scholarship is one of the best scholarships to opt for. There are numerous benefits which come with the scholarship that makes the journey of an aspiring candidate smooth and steady for the study abroad journey. 

  • Complete profile evaluation of the aspiring candidate with detailed feedback.
  • A personalised Scholarship strategy session is conducted with the top counsellors of the ReachIvy.
  • The strength and impactful areas of the aspiring candidate are identified for scholarship and worked on vigorously.
  • Multiple edits are made to the Scholarship SOP, essay and letter of the candidate.  

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General Guidelines For Reachlvy Scholarship

The application process for the scholarship has already begun and the deadline is 30th June 2023. The candidates are advised to keep an eye on the official website to not miss out on any important information. Before beginning with the application process for the ReachIvy scholarship, there are certain guidelines that a candidate must keep in mind in order to avoid any rookie mistakes. 

  • The candidate has to fill up a Financial Aid form. The form should be filled out carefully. Make sure there’s no mistake.
  • Upload the complete filled-out form on the online platform of ReachIvy only.
  • Discuss the content with the counsellor of ReachIvy via Skype. 
  • Upload the first draft of content via the online platform of ReachIvy for scrutiny. 
  • Carefully go through the feedback given by ReachIvy’s counsellor on the online platform.
  • Upload the revised final draft on the online platform for final feedback.
  • Submit a winning Financial Aid essay and stand a chance to win a scholarship.

Counselling Sessions

Study abroad counselling session refers to the process of helping aspiring students reach out to experts in the field of education to understand their options, create a plan, and make the best choice for themselves to fulfil their dream of studying abroad. Additionally, it precisely helps students to find the right courses and institutes.

Counsellors at ReachIvy conveniently provide all the necessary information on student visas, scholarship schemes, educational loans, and more and assess the necessary steps that are needed to be taken. ReachIvy scholarship offers two types of Counselling sessions. The first one is Mentor Scholarship and the other one Application scholarship.

  • The mentorship scholarship includes 2 personalised counselling sessions.
  • Another scholarship is the Application Scholarship. It includes assistance for 1 full application process which includes: (A) All essay assistance (B) 1 resume review (C) 3 LOR reviews (D) 1 mock interview (only if you are invited for an interview from your applied University).

Tips to Write an Essay For Reachlvy Scholarship 2023

The aspiring candidates for ReachIvy Scholarship are required to submit a 500-word essay on “What do you dream about? How would attending college abroad help you achieve your dreams?” to be eligible for the ReachIvy scholarship. The essay writing skill test assesses your grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and written discourse skills. You can structure your essay in the following way:  

  • Introduction- Introduce the topic briefly and add related information.
  • Paragraph 1- Present one idea in support of your argument.
  • Paragraph 2- Add another supporting idea to your argument/or offer a counter-argument to strengthen your idea.
  • Conclusion- End the essay with a gist of your ideas that have led to your conclusion and why. 

While writing the essay, give clear descriptions, avoid any ambiguities, express your thoughts and ideas in favour of your argument in essay writing and be meaningful and use stylistic features to communicate your ideas coherently.

Additionally, bring your A-game by displaying your range of vocabulary and grammar in the essay writing. Using idiomatic expressions or colloquialisms will be the cherry on the cake, but don’t overdo them. Keep in mind that the best answers have academic terms and avoid repetition of words by using synonyms wherever applicable.  


Can students reschedule their counselling sessions?

Students can not reschedule their counselling sessions. The total amount of the counselling session will be deducted in case of cancellations and/or no show for the counselling sessions. So select the slot with due consideration.

Does ReachIvy Scholarship cater to students who want to pursue further education in India?

Yes, the ReachIvy Scholarship does cater to students who are willing to study further in India only if it requires the services they provide, i.e., counselling, essay writing, resume building, interview preparation, etc.

Can students schedule their counselling session on the weekend?

ReachIvy has a range of slots available throughout the day, and on Saturdays. Students will receive a link to the counsellors’ calendar and can book their session as per both parties’ availability and consideration.

The counsellors at ReachIvy work from Monday to Saturday relentlessly and for extreme cases, they are willing to schedule a counselling session on Sundays as well. ReachIvy works for the students and ensures flexibility and convenience for their aspiring candidates. 

Getting a scholarship is a big step towards achieving your goals whether you are in school or college. So if you’re looking for a scholarship, do not forget to send the applications on or before the deadline. For more updates about the Scholarships, keep an eye on Leverage Edu and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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