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World is gradually shifting towards adopting a vegan lifestyle. It is a way of living and using products without any harm to the animals. The Vegan Society was developed in 1994 and from that day, the world celebrates World Vegan Day on 1 November every year. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the use of vegan products. Vegan products and food items are those products which are not derived from animals. It is also dedicated to teaching people about the importance and benefits of using these products. Let’s explore this day through this article.

Name of the eventWorld Vegan Day
Celebrated on1 November 2023
Started in 1994
ThemeNot announced
PurposeTo raise awareness about the importance of veganism and encourage people to become vegan.

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Know the History of World Vegan Day 2023

This day is significant for both humans and animals. The slogan of the Vegan Society says “One World. Many Lives. Our Choice.” The World Vegan Society is the oldest vegan charity. This was established in 1944. The day is celebrated to commemorate the 50th birth anniversary of the World Vegan Society on 1 November 1994. This was the first time in the history of veganism that the world had celebrated this special day dedicated to spreading awareness about the vegan lifestyle.

Initially, it was a single day celebrated worldwide. Later on, people started celebrating it as World Vegan Week, and now November is considered World Vegan Month. Being kinder towards animals and going vegan is the message of this Day. 

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Source: The Vegan Society

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World Vegan Day 2023 Theme

Nowadays, the commercial sector along with the catering sector is serving vegan or animal-free products. You can find vegan products very quickly in any supermarket. Products that are animal-based or derived from animals are considered vegan. Quitting the use of animal products makes you vegan. 

Every year, this day is celebrated with a theme to promote the agenda of veganism. The theme of 2023 has not yet been announced. This day is celebrated to exchange ideas among like-minded people and educate others about vegan products. 

Here are the Previous Year’s themes:

  • 2020: Eat Plants for the Planet
  • 2021: Live Vegan for Less
  • 2022: The Future is Vegan

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World Vegan Day Importance

Banning the commodification of animals and staying away from animal-based products is regarded as Veganism. The day is dedicated to promoting this thought. On this day, people, governments, NGOs, and other institutions come together to educate people about the exploitation of animals and show them love and care by avoiding the use of products derived from them.

Some examples of Vegan products are listed below:

  1. Plant-based milk, cheese, eggs, ice cream, etc.
  2. Clothing made from synthetic materials such as canvas, leatherette, etc.
  3. PETA Certified cosmetic products.

NOTE: PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a non-profit animal rights organization. PETA-certified products are cruelty-free products which mean completely free from animal substance. 

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Q1. Why is World Vegan Day celebrated?

A1. World Vegan Day is celebrated to spread awareness about the significance and impact of being vegan on nature. This day is to encourage people to become vegan and avoid the use of animal-based products.

Q2. Why is November 1 Vegan Day?

A2. Vegan Day is celebrated to mark the 50th Anniversary of the oldest vegan society in the world i.e. The Vegan Society. It was formed in 1994. The first Word Vegan Day was celebrated on 1 November 1994, from then, the world celebrates this day every year to spread awareness and educate people about Vegan products.

Q3. What is the theme of the World Vegan Day?

A3. Every year, there is a theme for World Vegan Day. The theme for World Vegan Day 2023 is not announced yet. 

Q4. When was the first Vegan Day?

A4. The first Vegan Day was celebrated on 1 November 1994. This day marks the establishment of the Vegan Society that works to promote veganism. 

That was all about World Vegan Day. For more such trending events, keep reading our important days blogs on Leverage Edu to stay informed about the news and important dates in the world of education!

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