Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle When Studying Abroad

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Going to study abroad can open the door to a lot of career opportunities and a great life ahead. Since initially you won’t be accustomed to a newer place, therefore, taking care of your health can become a hassle. Also, you would be brimming with excitement so it is very likely that you resort to takeaways and ordering food online in order to take shortcuts. In the long run, it can affect your health and impact your studies and overall well-being. Therefore, taking care of your health is extremely essential, and taking mindful little habits can help you do so. 


In this article, we will be covering some ways through which you can maintain a healthy lifestyle when studying abroad and make the most of your opportunity. 

5 Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle Abroad

Here are some useful tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while studying abroad:

Plenty of Water intake 

Staying dehydrated for long periods of time can affect your health a lot. It is very likely in the everyday hustle that you forget to drink water. Therefore, the most important thing in maintaining a healthy lifestyle when studying abroad is to stay hydrated. To build this habit always keep a water bottle with you and keep on refilling it so that you are able to keep count of the amount of water you intake. Also, there are many apps nowadays that are based on the idea of reminding people to consume water. So install one of these apps and ensure that you drink a sufficient amount of water every day. 

For commuting, opt for cycling 

Using bikes to commute is the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle when studying abroad. Commuting by bike is the best way to make the most of your time. Cycling is considered one of the best ways to exercise and what would be more delightful than to go to your classrooms or workplace by bike?

Prepare for meals beforehand 

Make a meal plan in a spreadsheet and try sticking to it. Also to reduce time and effort you can cut veggies and prepare some puree beforehand in bulk and store it in the fridge so that cooking between weekdays is not a hassle for you anymore. Prepping in advance requires a great deal of discipline but as they say “no pain, no gain”. So this can be quite a good way to maintain a healthy lifestyle when studying abroad. 

Scheduling a fixed time for exercise

Analyze your schedule to block out some time for health and try to be consistent with it. As the saying goes “health is wealth”, which was very apparent at the time of COVID, it is really important to maintain a healthy lifestyle when studying abroad. because otherwise, it is ultimately going to affect your performance in your studies. You can either take a gym membership or online free yoga classes that are available on YouTube. Also if you are someone who likes working out with someone then try to find an exercise buddy for yourself, which will help you in feeling motivated and also staying consistent with your exercise routine. 

Schedule power naps when free or simply meditate

Whenever you are traveling and have free time at your side try to take short power naps because research shows that it can help in increasing your efficiency and alertness. Therefore, a few minutes or even half an hour of nap during the day or while traveling have great ROI. So whenever you are traveling by public transport and not driving try to make the most of the time by taking a short power nap. Also, if for some reason you are not able to sleep try meditating and let the thoughts pass by without engaging in them. It will make you feel relaxed and boost your efficiency throughout the day. 

Carrying appropriate medications and getting vaccinated beforehand 

Whenever you are traveling, carry appropriate medications with you and get vaccinated beforehand to prevent yourself from seasonal flu as they say “prevention is better than cure”. Also, vaccination is one of the important prerequisites that Indian students need to follow in order to go abroad. Once vaccinated don’t forget to take certificates of the same with you as it will be an important part of your documentation. 


What is the biggest challenge of studying abroad?

Not feeling included which can sometimes lead to loneliness. Therefore, in order to overcome this try to join student communities and initiate conversations with people. Once you make some friends things will be quite easy for you. Also, this will help you in building a network in a new country.

How to take care of your diet in between your busy schedules?

Carry finger food and snacks like a yoga bar, yogurt, dark chocolate, etc. with yourself, so that you can have those in short breaks that you get in between lectures. 

Why is it important for you as a student to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

When a student goes abroad they are on their own to take care of themselves therefore it becomes extremely important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This involves proper diet, exercise, adequate sleep, meditation, etc. Also academically it will help a student in increasing their brain power and memory which will increase their productivity.

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