5 and 10 Lines on Earth Day in English for Students

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5 and 10 Lines on Earth Day

World Earth Day is a global observance celebrated every year on April 22 or the day of the spring equinox. It raises awareness about the immediate need to protect the earth and its natural resources for future generations. Moreover, this day offers the perfect opportunity to teach young students about the earth, its importance, and how to preserve it. As the day is approaching, schools are also organizing related activities such as essay on Earth Day and Earth Day quiz. To help students prepare for these and other related activities, here are samples of how to write 5 and 10 lines on Earth Day in English. 

5 Lines on Earth Day in English for Class 3, 4, 5, and 6

1. World Earth Day is observed every year on April 22. 

2. It raises awareness about climate change, pollution, environmental degradation, and deforestation.

3. Earth Day motivates people globally to save our planet Earth and keep it clean.

4. Schools and colleges celebrate Earth Day by organizing activities such as essay writing and poster making. 

5. World Earth Day reminds everyone about their duty towards our planet Earth and making it a better place for everyone. 

5 and 10 Lines on Earth Day

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10 Lines on Earth Day in English for Classes 3, 4, 5 and 6

1. World Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22.

2. It is a special day dedicated to our planet Earth. 

3. Earth is our home and provides us with the necessary conditions to live, such as water, air, and food. 

4. This day raises awareness about global warming, deforestation, climate change, and other issues. 

5. It also highlights the importance of environmental protection and sustainable practices. 

6. World Earth Day reminds us of our individual and shared responsibility towards our planet Earth. 

7. The 2024 theme for Earth Day is Planet vs. Plastics. 

8. World Earth Day encourages everyone to plant more trees and keep our planet clean. 

9. On this day, schools and colleges in India organize related activities such as essay writing, poster-making, quizzes, and speeches.

10. Let’s celebrate Earth Day every day by keeping our surroundings clean, saving trees, and saving water. 

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