International Day of Non-Violence 2023: History, Theme and More

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international day of non violence

The International Day of Non-Violence is annually observed on 2nd October all over the world. This day holds a special significance in promoting international peace and non-violent resistance. This day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation of India, Mahatma Gandhi. on-violence was one of the fundamental principles of Mahatma Gandhi which worked as a crucial instrument during the Indian Freedom Struggle. He has inspired the entire world and his teachings are still followed by the people. We’ll explore the date, history, significance, and theme of the International Day of Non-Violence through this article. 

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International Day of Non-Violence 2023: Overview

This special day is celebrated on 2 October every year to mark the significance of non-violence in human life. The principle of non-violence is also referred to as non-violent resistance to acquire social or political change in society. 

During Independence, under the guidance and leadership of Mahatma Gandhi, this form of social struggle was adopted by the people of India to fight against British rule. Besides Indian Independence, non-violent protest is followed all over the world in campaigns for social justice.

The three main methods of non-violence are:

  • Non-Cooperation
  • Protest and Persuasion
  • Intervention following non-violent actions

This day is celebrated in honour of Gandhiji’s work and to pay tribute to his non-violent protest for Independence. Here is a brief overview of International Non-Violence Day:

DayInternational Day of Non-Violence
Established on15 June 2007
Founded byUnited Nations
Date2 October 2023
PurposeTo disseminate the message of non-violence and maintain cultural peace.

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Remembering Mahatma Gandhi

International Non-Violence Day is celebrated every year on 2 October and this date is chosen by the UN as it coincides with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. He was the towering figure in the history who laid the foundation of non-violence. 

His teachings have inspired many leaders, activists, and citizens of the world. He believed in the philosophy of rooted love, tolerance, and commitment to justice. His principle of non-violence is referred to as ‘Satyagraha.’

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Significance of Non-Violence Day

The main significance of Non-violence Day is to educate people about peaceful resistance. Nonviolence is based on the belief that all life is sacred and that resorting to violence only begets more violence.

  • It promotes compassion, empathy, and understanding as key principles for resolving conflicts and fostering harmonious relationships.
  • the approaches involved offer constructive ways to address conflicts without causing physical harm or destruction.
  • individuals and communities are empowered to stand up for their rights and beliefs without resorting to aggression.
  • Nonviolence respects the dignity of everyone, even those with differing opinions or beliefs.
  • Its approach is to resolve the conflicts and spread the importance of human rights against violence.
  • Violence is a global issue, so this day plays a significant role in motivating people about moral values and adapting non-violent methods to acquire social and political goals. 

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Q1. Why do we celebrate the International Day of Nonviolence?

A1. This day is celebrated in honour of Mahatma Gandhi’s work and Legacy. Gandhiji’s fight for Independence “Satyagraha”, had a global impact as he protested non-violently. Thus, the United Nations has good reasons to choose his birth anniversary i.e. 2 October to celebrate this day.

Q2. What is the message of International Day of Nonviolence?

A2. The message of this day is to spread public awareness about the importance of non-violence and maintain international peace.

Q3. Who created the International Day of Non-violence?

A3. The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) created this day on 15 June 2007. It has passed a resolution to celebrate 2 October as the International Day of Non-violence. 

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