20 Best Funny Quotes on National Doctor’s Day In English

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Quotes on National Doctor’s Day

Doctors are considered lifesavers who work tirelessly to help people around the world get better by curing their ailments. In a country like India, they are also considered angels sent by gods who save the lives of thousands of people. In the United States Of America, Doctors Day is celebrated on March 30th each year. On the other hand, India celebrates National Doctor’s Day every year on July 1st. Interestingly, this day coincides with the death and birth anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. As the day is gradually approaching, here are some funny and interesting quotes on National Doctor’s Day to share with people around you. 

10 Best Quotes on Doctor’s Day

  1. Medicine cures diseases, but only doctors can cure patients.
  2. The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.
  3. In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men.
  4. The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. 
  5. Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
  6. Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity.
  7. Only a life lived for others is worth living.
  8. People pay the doctor for his trouble; for his kindness, they remain in his debt.
  9. From caring comes courage.
  10. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.
Source: Mayura Art Academy

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10 Funny Quotes on Doctor’s Day

  1. The best medicine is laughter, but physicians are a close second.
  2. Doctors are hope dealers more than they are healers.
  3. They fight illness, not just biology. Happy Doctor’s Day!
  4. Coffee by day, stethoscopes at night.
  5. Some heroes do not wear capes; instead, they wear scrubs.
  6. A diagnosis? Fantastic! Thanks for being a great doctor.
  7. Thank you, doctors, for everything from physicals to check-ins on sickness!
  8. Superheroes exist in a wide range of sizes and disguises. Thanks, doctors!
  9. It turns out that I was just terminally indecisive, Doc, despite my WebMD diagnosis of a brain tumor! Happy Doctor’s Day!
  10. I entered with a bruised sense of humor and a broken heart. You fixed one, and the other was made easier by your humor. Thanks, Doc!
Source: RK easy drawings


What is Doctor’s Day?

 Doctor’s Day is dedicated to honoring physicians and their contributions to society, celebrated on different dates around the world, including March 30th in the USA and July 1st in India.

Why is Doctor’s Day celebrated on different dates?

Doctor’s Day is celebrated on various dates globally to commemorate significant events or birthdays of notable physicians, such as Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy in India and Dr. William Osler in the USA.

How can I celebrate Doctor’s Day?

 You can celebrate Doctor’s Day by expressing gratitude to doctors with cards, messages, or small gifts. Recognizing their hard work and dedication can go a long way in showing appreciation.

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