World Anaesthesia Day 2023: Theme, History, Significance

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World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated annually on 16 October. The day honours the date of the first successful application of anaesthesia during surgery in 1846. The day also commemorates the anaesthesia professionals, often known as anesthesiologists, who assist patients in undergoing surgery without experiencing any pain. This blog will talk about the importance of anaesthesia and how it is necessary for the doctor before carrying out any medical procedure.

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What is Anaesthesia?

Anaesthesia is given to patients so that surgery and other medical procedures can be carried out safely, without any pain. 

Anaesthesia literally translates to “loss of sensation.” People who are unconscious will “lose” their ability to sense pain and other sensations.  

Anaesthesia can range from something very straightforward, such as numbing the area surrounding a tooth during dental work, to something more sophisticated, such as employing potent medicines to render a patient unconscious.  

The anaesthetic medications function by obstructing the signals that travel from your nerves to your brain. When the effects of the medications wear off, your sensations return to normal.

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World Anaesthesia Day 2023: History

On October 16, World Anaesthesia Day is marked in honour of W.T.G. Morton, who on this date 173 years ago made the first successful official demonstration of ether as an anaesthetic. The practice of anesthesiology began as a result of this incident. 

Since 1903, special events have been arranged to remember this historic day. It is recognised as one of the turning points in medical history and was delivered in an operating room at Massachusetts General Hospital.

World Anaesthesia Day 2023: Significance

The significance behind World Anaesthesia Day in 2023 is as follows:

  • The goal of World Anaesthetic Day is to unite the international anaesthetic community and serve as an effective lobbying tool.
  • Additionally, the day is observed to honour anaesthetic practitioners around the world.

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World Anaesthesia Day 2023: Theme 

This year the theme for World Anaesthesia Day is “ “Anaesthesia and Cancer Care.” 

Last year, the theme for World Anaesthesia Day was “Medication Society.” 

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World Anaesthesia Day 2023: Celebration Ideas

Celebrating World Anesthesia Day can help raise awareness about the importance of anaesthesia in medicine. If you are planning to celebrate this occasion, then here are some of the ways you can:

  • Learn and Educate: Research and share information about the history and advancements in anaesthesia. One can also educate others about the role of anesthesiologists and nurse anaesthetists in medical care. 
  • Support Charities: Contribute to organizations that provide anaesthesia care in underserved areas or support research in anaesthesia and pain management. 
  • Participate in Awareness Campaigns: Join or promote social media campaigns and discussions related to the event through social media.
  • Stay Informed: Stay updated on the latest advancements and research in anaesthesia and pain management by reading medical journals and publications. 


Why do we celebrate the World Anaesthesia Day?

On October 16, 1846, anaesthesia was invented, and that day is recognised as World Anaesthesia Day. When medical professionals at Massachusetts General Hospital used a patient to perform the first ether use demonstration.

Who coined the term anaesthesia?

Oliver Wendell Holmes first proposed the term “anaesthesia” in November 1846. It is today recognised as a science and an art.

When did anaesthesia start in India?

On January 12(th) 1848, the first chloroform anaesthetic was given in India (Chloroform was first used by Simpson in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, on 15 November 1847).

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