When is Good Friday 2024? Significance and More

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When is Good Friday 2024

Majorly celebrated by Christians around the world, the occasion of Good Friday is observed as a day dedicated to mourning the crucifixion of Jesus. In Germany, the day is known as “Karfreitag” which loosely translates into “Sorrowful Friday” in German. In India, Good Friday comes in the March Gazetted Holiday list which will be observed on 29 March 2024. Let’s learn more about how to observe this occasion and other details.  

Date Name of the holiday Type of holiday 
29 March 2024Good FridayGazetted Holiday

When is Easter Friday?

Easter Friday falls on the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon. Accordingly, the date changes every year. In 2024, Good Friday will be observed on March 29, 2024. Good Friday is among the many holidays that occur during the Holy Week such as Easter, Palm Sunday, and Ash Wednesday. It is a day to reflect upon the sacrifice of Jesus Christ through fasting and praying.

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How is Good Friday Celebrated?

Now that we know when is Good Friday 2024, let’s learn about how it is celebrated in India. So if you are wondering what to do on Good Friday, here is your answer:

  • On the occasion of Good Friday, Christians in India attend church services and seek blessings from Jesus.
  • Some people also fast on this day while others abstain from any kind of meat or alcohol. 
  • In some places, parades are also held in remembrance of Jesus.  
  • Additionally, government offices and banks are also closed on this day in India.
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Why do we celebrate Good Friday?

It is observed around the world as a day of great sorrow. On this day, Jesus was crucified on the orders of the Roman authority.

Is the Good Friday date the same every year?

No, this is one such holiday that is never celebrated on the same date every year. 

Is Good Friday a happy or sad day?

Despite being called Good Friday, this day is full of sorrow. It is the day when Romans crucified Messiah Jesus on the charge of treason. Therefore, people are strictly advised not to wish anyone Happy Good Friday as it is a day of mourning and penance.  

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