Know All About World Anaesthesia Day History

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World Anaesthesia Day History

Anaesthesia is an exceptional discovery in the field of healthcare. It had eliminated the pain a patient had to suffer during a surgery. The entire World celebrates World Anaesthesia Day on 16 October to commemorate the first time demonstration of anaesthesia in 1846. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about the exceptional work of anaesthesiologists who help patients in their painless surgery and to educate people about the importance of anaesthesia. WFSA supports and celebrates this profession. Stay tuned and read this article to know all about the World Anaesthesia Day History!

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World Anaesthesia Day History

World Anaesthesia Day is celebrated to mark the birth of the first-ever anaesthesia in medical history. On 16 October 1846, William Thoma Green Morton (1819-1868), an American dentist and physician conducted a public demonstration of the use of diethyl ether in the form of inhaled anaesthesia in a surgery in 1846, at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, MA, USA.

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History of Anaesthesia

The history of anaesthesia is a fascinating journey that spans centuries and involves many scientists and medical professionals who contributed to the development of safe and effective methods for relieving pain during the surgical process. 

World Anaesthesia Day History
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Before the development of modern anaesthesia, various techniques and substances were used to decrease pain during surgery. These methods included the use of alcohol, opium, and herbal concoctions. These were insufficient and possessed significant risks.

In the early 19th century, nitrous oxide, which is also known as laughing gas, gained popularity as an anaesthetic. In 1844, Horace Wells, a dentist, first made recorded use of nitrous oxide for dental surgery.

The medical history witnessed the breakthrough moment on 16 October 1846, when Dr William T.G. Morton successfully administered ether to a patient during surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It was the first-ever public demonstration of diethyl ether as anaesthesia in the history of surgery. This event is considered the birth of modern anaesthesia.

This change further led to the discovery of other anaesthesia and therefore a new field specialized field in the healthcare sector anesthesiologist was emerged. 

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World Anaesthesia Day Theme 2023

World Anaesthesia Day Theme 2023
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The theme for World Anaesthesia Day 2023 is “Anaesthesia and Cancer Care.” This theme focuses on the role of anaesthesia in the treatment of Cancer. As we all know cancer is a deadly disease which is characterized by the uncontrolled growth of cells leading to form tumors that could be cancerous or non-cancerous. So, this theme also strengthens anaesthesia services to improve cancer treatment.

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Q1. What is the theme of World Anaesthesia Day 2023?

A1. The theme for World Anaesthesia Day 2023 is “Anaesthesia and Cancer Care.” 

Q2. Who introduced Anaesthesia?

A2. William T.G. Morton an American dentist and physician introduced anaesthesia in the form of inhaled diethyl ether in a surgical procedure on 16 October 1846.

Q3. What is Global Anaesthesia?

A3. The Global Anesthesia Program of the Department of Anesthesiology is a program to expand access to safe anaesthesia and it aims to enhance the quality of life for patients in low- and middle-income nations.

Q4. When was anaesthesia first used in India?

A4. In India, anaesthesia was used on 22 March 1847, under the supervision of a surgeon  Dr O’Saughnessy, in the Medical College Hospitals, Calcutta.

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