Holi Sweets Recipes – Check Out the Top Recipes That You Must Try This Year

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Holi sweets recipes

The kitchen is filled with the aroma of delicious cuisine during this holiday because Holi preparations start months in advance. Traditional Holi dishes including Gujiya, Puran Poli, Malpua, and Thandai are made during the holiday in practically every home. In fact, ladies compete in a way to see who can make the greatest Holi meals. The sweets and snacks produced during Holi with so much affection are also an opportunity to display culinary prowess. 

The custom of making traditional family foods for Holi has persisted throughout time, especially in this era of fusion cuisine. The daytime festivities centre on eating delicious cuisine and having fun with colour.

Holi Sweets

Huge quantities of delicious foods are prepared for visiting friends and family during Holi because so many people visit one another during this time. Certain dishes are made ahead of time so that you don’t have to put in a lot of work right before serving. Traditional Holi specialities can be served very quickly if you have the right recipe. Trust us on this, of course! In Holi, sweets play a crucial part. No one will let you leave without the customary “muh meetha,” which implies you must be given sweets since they are thought to bring good fortune and joy. Here is a list of traditional Holi delicacies that can be made in minutes. These Holi sweets recipes are easy to make and can be prepared in advance and refrigerated. Here is a list of ten traditional Holi sweets recipes.

Holi Sweets Recipes

Below mentioned are some of the recipes for holi sweets:

Recipe for Shakarpara 

Shakarpara is one of the most special holi sweets, frequently used as a dessert and a snack. These can be served to guests with tea or even as dessert. They are made with extremely basic components like sugar and wheat flour, deep fried, and then covered in sugar syrup or chashni. They have a long shelf life and can be kept for more than a month in airtight containers. Jaggery can also be used to produce them.

Rasmalai Recipe 

Rasmalai is essentially cottage cheese balls that have been cooked in thick milk syrup. It can be hot or cold. Try out this simple recipe if you believe it is impossible to make great Rasmalai. To make your Rasmalai taste better, add saffron and pistachios.

Making Besan Laddoo 

The nicest thing about besan laddoo is that you can make it without worrying about the quality of the mawa you use, which is sometimes contaminated during festivals. It can also be kept for longer periods of time. Try this delectable recipe.

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Making Bhang Gujiya 

Without Bhang, Holi celebrations are lacking. It is a crucial component of the festivities. You may manufacture Bhang Gujiya at home by blending some mawa with some cannabis powder. It can also be worked into the dough. The Gujiya will thereafter appear green. This is one of the popular Holi sweets.

Recipe for Kheer 

The classic rice pudding known as kheer is a staple of Indian weddings and festivals. Kheer is included in the Holi spread since it is thought to be auspicious to make it. Try out this really simple kheer recipe to savour its delicious flavour while celebrating the festival of colours.

Recipe for Malpua 

Without the smooth, velvety, sweet Malpua, who could imagine? This exquisite Indian treat, made with mawa, paneer, and flour, is a dessert to die for. By incorporating kesar, dry fruits, condensed milk, and fresh cream, you can create countless varieties.

Recipe for Phirni 

Broken rice and milk are combined to make phirni, which is then served warm. To taste, you can add nuts and cardamom powder. Saffron can also be added to provide a wonderful colour. In clay bowls adorned with silver foil, serve phirni. Use this easy phirni recipe to make delicious phirni.

Food Puran Poli 

This substantial traditional Maharashtrian dish is delicious. We have included it in the list even though it cannot be categorically categorised as a “sweet” because it contains a lot of jaggeries and is almost as sweet as a dessert. Whole wheat chapatis are filled with chana daal and jaggery to make puran poli. Try this straightforward Puran Poli recipe.

Recipe for Gujiya 

Gujiyas are considered to be one of the delicious and popular holi sweets. Gujiyas are khoya and sooji-filled pastries made of flour. They have a lot of flavours and are delicious. These can be prepared ahead of time and kept in airtight containers. Instead of deep frying your gujiya, you can alternatively bake them if you’re watching your weight. Avoid dipping your gujiya in sugar syrup if you prefer them less sweet. They’ll get crisper as a result of this.

Recipe for Coconut Laddoo 

There are several ways to make this laddoo, which is made using grated coconut. Use condensed milk or mawa to make it quickly, or you may let the coconut and milk boil together until the milk is completely absorbed and the coconut can be formed into small balls. It’s incredibly easy to make this traditional Coconut Laddoo dish. Test out.


Q1. Which is the special sweet prepared on Holi?

Ans. Gujia is one of the special sweets prepared during the Holi festival.

Q2. Which is one of the special dish prepared on Holi?

Ans. Papri chaat and Dahi vada are two of the most popular and special dishes prepared during the Holi festival.

Q3. What is the special sweet of India?

Ans. Gulab Jamun is one of the most special sweets in India.

This was all about the recipes for Holi sweets. We hope this blog post was helpful in providing the easiest and yummiest recipes for Holi sweets. Follow Leverage Edu for more such updates.

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