Top Makeup Ideas for Holi 2023

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makeup ideas for Holi

The festival of colours is the perfect occasion to put your makeup on. Whether you are attending a Holi party or hosting one, your makeup needs to be on point. To help you out, we have curated the list of the top ten makeup ideas for Holi. These long-lasting, and easy-to-apply makeup tips will help you look your best this season. Keep reading to know more about makeup ideas and how you can use them. 

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Top 5 Makeup Ideas for Holi

Below are the top five makeup ideas for Holi that are trendy. You can use these tips to glam up this festival!

Pink Eyeshadows

Pink eyeshadows are viral for a reason. You can get several day and night looks with it. Pink eyeshadows seem intense. However, some of the looks are doable. Pink eyeshadows are classic, romantic, and flirty. Hence, it makes it a perfect Holi look.

Steps to get the look

  • To get the look start by applying a layer of primer. You can then apply the foundation, and concealer to get rid of the uneven patches. Finally dab the setting powder, on areas where you tend to get oily. 
  • Smooth on eye primer and apply a nude pink eyeshadow over your eyelids. To diffuse the edges use a blending brush. Next, take a precise brush and take the same shade to apply it on your lower lash line. 
  •  Use a peach blush that matches the eyeshadow tone on your cheeks. Finally, curl those lashes and add mascara. You can also choose to wear lipstick with a nude hue to go with your look.

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Smokey Eyes, Nude Lips

Holi is the day to carry smokey eye makeup, It is a timeless makeup idea for Holi that will look super great on anyone.

Steps to get the look

  • . Moisture the face and use a primer. Next, use the foundation and concealer that you like. 
  • Blend a dark brown eyeshadow shade on the outer crease of your eyes and below your eyelash line. Use an eyeshadow brush for this purpose. Next, apply red eyeshadow on your eyelids, add some red glitter, and coat it with mascara. 
  • To enhance your best features use blush and a highlighter. Finally, use the nude lip shade to go with it.

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Lilac Shadow

Use the plummy shadow look that features a pink undertone to get the classic look. Finally, finish the Holi look with a neutral lip colour that suits you.

Steps to get the look

  • Start by using a moisturizer/serum. Next, apply the primer and follow it up with a serum-infused formula.
  • Next, go for a transition shade on the outer crease of your eyes and use a purple eyeshadow to fill the centre of your eyelid. To enhance the look you can also apply eyeliner and coat the lashes with mascara.
  • Apply cream blush on your cheeks to blend and then use a liquid highlighter on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose.

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Unicorn-Inspired Makeup Look

Wearing a white kurta this Holi? Use a soft wash of colour on your eyes and blend the pigment with a makeup brush. It is a perfect makeup idea for Holi that you can try.

Steps to get the look

  • Use a glow-boosting moisturizer and buff a small layer. Make sure that you apply it to your neck area as well. Next, take a damp sponge and apply the foundation, and concealer.
  • Use eye primer and the sparkly liquid lilac shadow and add cat eyeliner to enhance your look.
  • Apply the bronzing powder and the cream contour.
  • Finally, apply nude brown lipstick to go with your look.

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Go Green

This makeup idea for Holi is perfect to ace the Instagram- friendly look. It will enhance your complexion and ill give you that celeb glow. 

Steps to get the look

  • Use the emerald green eyeshadow and green eyeliner with glitter
  • Apply green eye shadow on your eyelids to enhance your look and then use a green liner in your upper and lower lash line. 
  • Finally, apply a peach brown coloured lip gloss 

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Q1. Should I wear makeup on Holi?

Ans. Wearing makeup on Holi is not a good idea as there is a high possibility that the chemicals will react with the colour. 

Q2. Which colour is safe for Holi?

Ans. Green practices are safe colours for Holi.

Q3. Should I oil my hair before Holi?

Ans. Oiling the hair the night before Holi will keep your hair safe.

The makeup ideas can be used to be your vibrant self this Holi. Choose the makeup ideas for Holi that suits you the best and try this on this season. To discover more such articles, visit Leverage Edu.

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