Your Personalised Bollywood Playlist for Holi

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Your Personalised Bollywood Playlist for Holi

One of the most important festivals in India is called Holi, what’s not to love about Holi? From dressing up in new clothes instead of rags to cousins and friends pulling your leg, from forcing you two to drink Bhaang (a special drink for Holi in India) to PDAing without hesitation. And newlywed couples celebrating their first Holi together making it even more memorable by our personalised Bollywood playlist for Holi. This blog covers a list of Holi songs is appropriate for any situation, whether you’re celebrating Holi with your friends or the Chacha-Chachis and Maama-Maamis have their dhol wallas ready. Put aside any reservations you may have as a newlywed couple, and get ready to have a blast. Keep in mind that although the day will pass, the memories will last a lifetime. Add these Holi songs to your playlist right away by scrolling down!

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Bollywood Playlist for Holi

Here is a list of the best Bollywood Holi songs that will add fun to your Holi party:

1. Balam – Pichkari From “Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani”

The Holi song that immediately comes to mind is unquestionably Balam Pichkari from our all-time favourite film, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. When creating the Holi playlist, it would be a crime to leave out this song because it has the most hilarious lyrics and iconic dance moves. Top-notch song to be added to Bollywood playlist for Holi.

Source: T-Series

2. Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali From “Silsila”

Who can forget Amitabh Bachchan’s entrancing song from the beloved Silsila? Include this dhamaka song as you host a Holi feast for your guests that include special Holi desserts and snacks, cool Thandai, dry fruits, and chocolates.

Source: YRF

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3. Holi Re From “Mangal Pandey: The Rising”

Holi Re must be included without a doubt if you are looking for the ideal Bollywood Holi song list or are preparing your own Holi special songs list. This Bollywood Holi song will stand out among the many Holi-themed songs because Gen Z and millennials haven’t shown much interest in it. This is a must-have song for the Bollywood playlist for holi.

Source: Shemaroo Filmi Gaane

4. Holi Khele Raghuveera From “Baghban”

Don’t forget to include this classic Holi song if you want to make your extended family celebrations more enjoyable. Giving your elders special dry fruits for Holi and Holi gifts in exchange for their blessings creates the ideal atmosphere.

Source: T-Series

5. Chaan Ke Mohalla From “Action Replayy”

Without the energetic dhol beats to dance to, Holi feels utterly lacking. One of the best Holi songs you can add to your list of recent Hindi songs for Holi is this one, with its upbeat music and Aishwariya Rai. One of the songs to be added to your Bollywood playlist for holi.

Source: T-Series

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6. Holi Ke Din Dil Khil Jaate Hain From “Sholay”

Dharmendra and Hema Malini, the on-screen power couple of the 1970s, set some serious standards. Your playlist of Holi songs will become even better thanks to this vintage song. Top priority song to be added to Bollywood playlist for holi.

Source: NH Studioz

7. Soni Soni From “Mohabbatein”

You decide to go a little overboard and organise an unplanned flash mob with your girl and boy gangs, respectively, to engage in a dance competition in honour of Soni Soni from the movie Mohabbatein. To celebrate your first Holi together as a married couple is undoubtedly brilliant!

Source: YRF

8. Aaj Na Chhodenge From “Kati Patang”

While you two will undoubtedly have a great time being completely absorbed in one another, don’t forget to rekindle your parents’ relationship. Their justification for getting a little closer will be Aaj Na Chhodenge, which will enhance the joy of your first Holi.

Source: Saregama Music

9. Lahu Muh Lag Gaya From “Ramleela”

This mind-blowing song from Ram Leela is a Bollywood classic that you simply add to your Bollywood playlist for holi, must not overlook this Holi. On this Holi day, dazzle your hosts with either a group dance or a solo performance. Add to the excitement by surprising them with gifts like idols, diya sets, herbal holi colours, and packs of vibrant abir and gulal in red, yellow, green, and pink to say “thank you” for helping to make the Holi celebration special.

Source: Eros Now

10. Badri ki Dulhaniya From “Badrinath ki Dulhaniya”

Looking for a song with a fast beat that even the elderly can dance to? Here is the Holi song that will make your festivities more mast-majaa. Add some Holi decorations, unique Holi games, and presents to make the celebrations even more special. Top-notch song to be added in Bollywood playlist for holi.

Source: T-Series

11. Tum Tak From “Ranjhana”

You would fall in love with this song and keep your faith in music. This song has soul, music, and emotion in spades. Pick this song to rekindle your love if you’re looking for ways to impress someone.

Source: Eros Now

12. Let’s Play Holi From “Waqt”

With its humorous lyrics about flirting, dancing, and colours, this country song quickly gained popularity. Do Me A Favor, Let’s Play Holi was the song’s opening line, giving you plenty of motivation to celebrate Holi in a naughty manner. Let’s play holi is a must-have song for a personalised Bollywood playlist for holi.

Source: T-Series

13. Jogiji Haan From “Nadiya ke Paar”

The Rajshri hit, Nadiya Ke Paar, which features every song that melts our hearts, also has this lovely track that will tempt you to take part in the festival. It features the ever-boyish Sachin and the small Sandhya dancing jokingly in the sea of colour.

Source: Rajshri

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Which is the iconic Holi song?

Holi ke din from the movie “Sholay” is the iconic Holi song.

Which Holi song is your all-time favourite?

A lovely Holi song is “Holi Khelein” by Shreya Ghoshal and Anmol Malik from the film “Begum Jaan.”

What is the most famous Holi song in Bollywood?

Rang Barse song is the famous Holi song in Bollywood.

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