10 Lines on My Favorite Festival Holi for Class 3, 4, and 5

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10 Lines on My Favorite Festival Holi for Class 3, 4, and 5

Creative writing is an essential part of every child’s school life. It helps them develop essential skills such as expression, storytelling, and leadership. With the festival of colours around the corner, writing about 10 lines on my favourite festival Holi is among the trending topics in school. For many children in India, Holi holds a dear place in their hearts. It is an emotion which reminds them of the best times of their lives full of sweet gujiyas, colourful gulal, excitement, and rich traditions. It is also a great opportunity to teach kids about the Holi festival in English. Let’s take a look at this helpful sample of 10 lines on my favorite festival Holi for students in classes 3, 4, and 5. 

10 Lines on My Favorite Festival Holi

1. Holi is among my favourite festivals. 

2. It is observed in March to welcome the onset of the spring season in India. 

3. It is a festival full of love, joy, laughter, traditions, and good food. 

4. On this day, my friends and family come together to smear each other with different colours of gulal powder. 

5. We also use water guns and water balloons filled with coloured water. 

6. My mother also teaches me about the importance of being truthful and following the right path. 

7. She also teaches me about the story of Holika Dahan where Lord Vishnu saved Prahalad from burning in fire by defeating Hiranyakashipu and his sister Holika. 

8. We also eat sweet gujiyas and dance together. 

9. Holi is the festival of forgiving people. 

10. It is my favourite festival. 

Source: Prem Nath Shukla


Why is Holi my Favourite festival?

Holi is one of the favourite festivals of children in India. It is a day when friends and family come together to celebrate the victory of good over evil. On this day, people apply gulal on each other, play with water guns, throw water-filled balloons, and have a blast. My mother also prepares sweets on Holi for our neighbours. 

What is Holi for Class 5?

In India, Holi is known as the festival of colours. It is celebrated in the month of March and is awaited all year round. On this day, people dance to Bollywood songs and play with water balloons, water guns, and different colours of gulal powder. 

What is special about Holi?

The unique thing about the festival of Holi is the plethora of tales associated with its celebration. On one hand, people believe that it commemorates the victory of good over evil. The tale behind this belief is that Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Narsimha to destroy demon king Hiranyakashipu and protect his devotee Prahalad. On the other hand, followers of Lord Krishna and goddess Radha believe that Holi originated from their love and raas leela. 

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