Holi Celebration in Foreign Countries: A Brief for International Students to Celebrate Holi like NRIs

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Holi celebration in foreign countries

A pot filled with vibrant foods, mouthwatering dishes, thandais, and time spent with family, friends, neighbours, and coworkers. These are the factors that keep us from thinking clearly. our festivities. Many tourists are drawn to India by all these attractions and have become obsessed with travelling there. But, if you’ve been considering studying abroad, it’s likely that you’re concerned about missing out on our vibrant festivals and cultural heritage. Don’t worry, though! Indians are masters at bringing their unique culture and colours to any nation. Continue reading this blog article to know more about Holi celebrations in foreign countries.

How is Holi Celebrated Globally?

Wherever we travel, Indians are still vibrant and happy. Holi is celebrated with all the pomp and circumstance, whether it be an Indian student studying abroad or an accomplished and successful Indian with a work permit for another country.

Being able to see an Indian holiday that attracts millions of NRIs and foreigners to play, dance, and celebrate with colour has given me great pride! Although the event may have its origins in North India, it undoubtedly has a global impact.

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The highest concentration of Indians resides in the USA. The festival exudes a spirit of conviviality. Seeing people dressed in bright colours like red, green, yellow, blue, pink, orange, and violet is energising. The US government forbids the use of liquid colours because they fear festival-goers would become sick. College students and Indian organisations mix with locals to celebrate. The main draws are the non-stop live music from fantastic bands, dance, cuisines, and rainbow-coloured downpours. In the city of New York, Holi celebrations in foreign countries is well-known. Tradition and fashion coexist. Bollywood actors often make time to join Americans in celebrating Holi. The joy of the holiday season is further enhanced by dance performances, fashion exhibitions, and music concerts.


In Australia, Holi is celebrated in foreign countries similar to how it is in the UK and the US. Management of the entire event is the responsibility of Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan. The most famous places, like Darling Harbor in Sydney, celebrate Holi. Visitors to the two-day festival at Tumbalong Park in Darling Harbor may take in entertainment as well as delectable Indian vegetarian food and craft vendors.

In Australia, Indians enjoy participating in this celebration of colours. NRIs delight in colourful relationships with Melbourne’s many distinct multicultural populations. NRIs in Australia spread energy through their rainbow-coloured paintings.


“This pleasant holiday is an occasion to renew connections and celebrate peace, but it is also a time to reflect on traditional conceptions of good and evil, and the final triumph of light over darkness,” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said.

Not just NRIs or native Canadians, but also immigrants from other countries celebrate Holi in Canada. With the coming of Holi, Canada’s stunning landscape and temperate climate heighten the festive atmosphere. They use vibrant views to embellish their dwellings.

Younger generations as well as some elderly individuals are all painted in brilliant shades of green, yellow, red, silver, and black. Dance ensembles participate in dance dramas to emphasise the Holika Dahan narrative. The joy of Holi is mixed with Canada’s serene landscape. This is all about Holi celebration in foreign countries in Canada.

New Zealand

Holi has become increasingly popular in New Zealand over the years as more and more individuals from many communities and backgrounds join in on this vibrant event. The New Zealand Parliament first observed Holi in the previous year. When it comes to embracing Indians, New Zealanders go above and above. In front of the Honorable Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, the Parliament welcomed visitors dressed in vibrant traditional Indian clothing.

In Auckland, Holi is a widely observed holiday. At the Kumeu ISKCON Temple, people congregate. Millions of NRIs worldwide celebrate Holi in this manner. The cultural spectacular aids the younger generation in learning about their ancestry. Put your concerns about celebrating in a foreign country to rest if you have been concerned about how you would do so. Travel abroad to study cheerfully and take part in every celebration, especially Holi with its vibrant spirit.

United Kingdom

In the UK, Indians make up the second-largest ethnic minority. The centre of every Indian celebration is in Leicester. In the UK, people have been celebrating Holi for many years. Similarly in the US, the Holi parade is cancelled here as well. People visit their friends and family in the evening to say hello and give them treats. In order to mark the customary joy, they also apply tilak. They feel more connected to their family and cultural roots when they participate in festivals.

People visit their friends and family in the evening to say hello and give them treats. A sizable bonfire is lit on the first night of the celebrations, and the colours are tossed on the second day. NRI club owners and socialites hold Holi events with a variety of themes, similar to the 31st night festival in Indian cities. The three most well-liked Holi party themes in the UK are Bollywood, Rajasthan, and the Holika Dahan story. People are excited and the atmosphere is revitalised by songs and dances, refreshments, and lots of colours.


Q1. Which country has the largest Holi celebrations around the world? 

Ans. The biggest Holi celebration in the world is in Leicester, United Kingdom.

Q2. Where Holi is celebrated in the USA?

Ans. In USA, Holi is celebrated in Houston, Texas.

Q3. How is Holi celebrated in USA?

Ans. In USA, Holi is celebrated in public places, open streets and parks.

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