🪔Top 10 Diwali Corporate Gifts For Your Office-Mates!

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Top 10 Diwali Corporate Gifts For Your Office-Mates!

Have you decided on a gift for your corporate friend? As we are all aware Diwali brings joy and happiness in our lives and is represented with the symbol of ‘diya‘ (oil lamp). On this auspicious occasion, we share gifts and sweets with our loved ones. Diwali corporate gifts vary from person to person. If your corporate friend is a cricket enthusiast, you can gift a cricket bat or any accessories useful for them. Let’s explore some exciting Diwali corporate gifts for your office buddies.

Top 10 Diwali Corporate Gifts For Office Mates

If you have not decided on a Diwali gift for your office buddies, we will help you decide what you can gift. Here is the list of the top 10 Diwali corporate gifts which can be used for exchanging between office mates.

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Assorted Dry Fruits

One of the oldest and classic Diwali corporate gifts is a basket of assorted dry fruits. They are not only traditional gifts but also come with a lot of health benefits. Moreover, they can be stored easily and are quite easy to transport.

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Surprise Gift Hamper

In this gift, the employees will feel extra special after receiving the gift hamper. One can include movie vouchers for family, gift vouchers, dry fruits or office essentials in the bag. To make this more special, employees can get the option to choose the bag themselves where each bag will have different stuff.

Source: Gifts By Rashi

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Electronic Gadgets

Electronic gadgets may sound a little expensive, but it’s Diwali. You can gift electronic items like watches, portable Bluetooth speakers, fitness trackers etc. You can buy these items at an affordable price due to Diwali sale. By gifting such things, the employees will highly appreciate it.

Source:: BP Guide India

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Household Essentials

Another most common gift on Diwali is household essentials. One can grab common gifts like a coffee machine, hand blender, toaster or an air fryer. Bringing new electronic items on Diwali is considered to be very auspicious.

Source: Giftsmyntra

Candle Set

Gifting decorative, scented and colourful candle sets can also make a great gift set. They not only smell good but are also therapeutic and help in relieving stress.

Source: Rad Living

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Desk Plants

Gifting desk plants on the occasion of Diwali will bring a touch of positivity to the lives of everyone. Gifting plants is considered to be lucky, especially in Indian culture. One can also use eco-friendly materials to pack the plants.

Source: The Spruce

Artisanal Gifts

One can also gift artisanal gifts for Diwali which will show uniqueness, creativity and thoughtfulness. By gifting employees this custom creation will prove to be meaningful and will be an unforgettable present.

Source: Advait Living

Subscription to Online Fitness Classes

This is the best opportunity to gift corporate employees a subscription to online fitness classes and help them relieve their stress and stay active. There are several online fitness classes out there which provide subscriptions to people.

Gaming Vouchers

Corporate employees also have a family outside the office. Therefore, this is the best time to gift gaming vouchers to them as Diwali gifts which will help them to go out with their family, play games and have a quality time. Trust me, they will thank you later!

Handmade Diyas

Finally, gifting handmade diyas is one of the best options for corporate employees. There are many diyas which are sold with unique designs and come in beautiful packaging-like boxes. This will be helpful for them.

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What do companies gift to employees on Diwali?

Gifts include ceramics, candles, and tea light holders. Additionally, you can give spectacular gift boxes, diverse candy baskets, or stationery gift baskets.

What can I gift my boss for Diwali?

One can gift their manager several artistic pieces, digital subscriptions, customised leather goods and much more.

Do companies give Diwali gifts?

Yes, almost every company gifts its employees gifts on the occasion of Diwali.

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