🙏Guru Nanak Dev Ji: First Sikh Guru, His Life and Teachings

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Guru Nanak Dev Ji is the first Sikh Guru among the 10 Gurus of the Sikh community. He was born in 1469 in Talvandi, Punjab. The place is now renamed as Nankana Sahib which is now covered under Pakistan. He was born in a Hindu family i.e. in the Khatri caste, generally merchants and landlords. His birth anniversary is celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti. Guru Nanak Jayanti or Gurupurab is an auspicious day celebrated on 27 November. It is believed that Guru Nanak Dev Ji has learned the Vedas and the Hindu culture. He was a non-believer of social and religious discrimination in the society. He believed that God is one and his life lessons have profoundly impacted worldwide. If you wish to learn more about the First Sikh Guru, his life and teachings, then continue reading this article!

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Guru Nanak Gurupurab

Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurupurab or Prakash Utsav is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the first Sikh Guru on 27 November. This year, it is the 554th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Ji. This day is celebrated to thank Guru Nanak Dev Ji for his teachings and to acknowledge his contributions to the Sikh community.

On Gurupurab, devotees pray and participate in nagar kirtan, and read Guru Granth Sahib through the akhand path. The Sikh community also conduct kirtan and katha sessions for the devotees. Langar Seva is organized by Gurudwaras to serve free meals and support equality.

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Life History

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Guru Nanak Ji belongs to the Hindu religion and is believed to have founded Sikhism. He was born in Talvandi and attained spiritual knowledge. His teachings reveal that he did not support religious discrimination.

People belonging to the Sikh community do not worship any idol they only worship Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It is a religious scripture of the Sikh Community.

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled the world and learned about various religions. He travelled till 1521 in various parts of India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, and Persia. He did not believe in idol worshipping and was against the orthodox thoughts. His last time was spent in Kartarpur, Pakistan. 

He also used to compose and sing “NAAM JAPO” is also one of his main teachings. His teachings were based on love, compassion, and service to others.

He devoted his life to educating people that there is only one God i.e. IK ONKAR. His life was an inspiration and his teachings are still inspiring the entire world even after 500 years. 

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Guru Nanak Dev Ji Teachings

Guru Nanak Dev Ji devoted his entire life to teaching people about the oneness of God. He learned about many cultures and religions during his travels. He condemned the caste system because he was against social discrimination. 

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The three main Teachings of Guru Nanak Ji are Kirat Karo, Naam Japo, and Vans Shaako which means work honestly, pray in the name of God, and help and share with others. 

His teachings are timeless and universal and they are still followed worldwide. Guru Nanak Dev Ji died on 22 September 1539 in Kartarpur, Pakistan. 

List of 10 Sikh Gurus

Guru Angad was chosen as the second Guru of the Sikh community after the death of Guru Nanak. 

Here are the names of Sikh Gurus:

  1. Guru Nanak
  2. Guru Angad 
  3. Guru Amardas
  4. Guru Ramdas
  5. Guru Arjan Dev
  6. Guru Hargobind
  7. Guru Har Rai
  8. Guru Har Kishan
  9. Guru Tegh Bahadur
  10. Guru Gobind Singh

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Was Guru Nanak born Hindu?

Yes, Guru Nanak Dev ji was born in a Hindu family. His father was Khatri ie. a Hindu religion and his mother belonged to the Bedi family. Guru Nanak’s parents raised him in the Hindu religion, but he believed in the oneness of God and he did not support religious and social discrimination among the people. 

Is Guru Nanak a Sikh God?

Guru Nanak is not considered a Sikh God but the Sikh community consider him the founder of Sikhism. He was of Hindu origin because his parents were Hindu. Guru Nanak Ji was the first of the tenth Gurus in Sikhism.

Why Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated?

Guru Nanak Jayanti is celebrated on 27 November every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He is the founder of Sikhism and the first of the tenth Gurus of the Sikh community. Guru Nanak Jayanti is considered the most important festival in Sikhism and is celebrated with great enthusiasm worldwide.

What is the origin of Guru Nanak?

The first Sikh Guru was born in 1469 in Talvandi, the place is now known as Nankana Sahib and is located in Punjab which is covered under Pakistan. His birth anniversary is celebrated as Guru Nanak Jayanti on 27 November. 

When do we celebrate Gurupurab?

Gurupurab is celebrated on 27 November every year to commemorate the birth anniversary of first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

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